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EasyBiz plus Mileage Tracker Makes Tracking Expenses Easy

EasyBiz plus Mileage Tracker Makes Tracking Expenses Easy

Price: $0.99
EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker, developed by EasyBiz, is a mileage tracker that’s designed for casual and heavy duty users alike. Whether you drive a company car or do occasional charity work, if you need to track your mileage expenses EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker is a great option and certainly worth checking out.

Concept and Functionality

EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker was last reviewed here on, and the app has come a long way since then. To use the app, you have to do a bit of setup in order to establish basics for accurate reporting.

This includes entering in the price of gas (per gallon) and how many miles per gallon your car gets on average.

Luckily you can create different profiles for various cars you drive, saving you the hassle of entering this information every time you’re driving a new vehicle.

EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker also allows you to easily set and switch between various preset tax rates, but you can also add your own custom tax rate if needed.

EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker Android App

EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker Android App

Once you have this basic information entered in EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker, you’re ready to tap the big Start button and be on your way.

There’s nothing else you need to do from that point, so you can comfortably tuck your device away for safer driving. Tapping the Stop button allows you to log different stops or finish your route for the day.

As far as ease of use, EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker is definitely easy to navigate once you get the hang of the app. The interface is very clean and sharp. However, the issue I have is that the app doesn’t support landscape mode, which makes viewing summary charts a pain due to squished numbers.


EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker includes a ton of useful features for users, including comprehensive reporting. The app even allows you to export reports in a fully tax compliant format. Reports are exported in CSV/Excel format.

For those who want peace of mind and added data security, EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker allows you to automatically back up reports to Google Drive.

Lastly, EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker is fully capable of worldwide usage thanks to metric system compatibly and world currency support. This is fantastic for anyone who wants to use the app abroad or frequently travels between countries.


EasyBiz Plus Mileage Tracker is available to download from Google Play for $0.99, which is a fantastic price given how many features the app offers. There are still a few improvements that can be made to the app itself, but as of right now it is still a marvelous app that pretty much does what it promises.

EasyBiz Plus Mleage Tracker requires Android 2.3.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.easybiz_plus.jpg

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