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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Andy Candy

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Andy Candy

Price: Free
Andy Candy
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Reviewed by Krause

Reviewed by Avery W. Krause

At first glance, Andy Candy, from More Games, invokes familiar strains of other candy-themed games that are popular on the various app stores, but once you begin playing you actually end up with an entirely different puzzle experience.

If you’ve ever purchased a book of logic puzzles, inevitably you’ve played the type of puzzle where you have to trace over all the lines of a figure without doubling up. This is essentially the gameplay conceit behind Andy Candy, wrapped in a sugary, appealing skin.

Layout and Design

The design of Andy Candy is simple and charming, building off candy-hungry nature of the title character. Each level provides a geometric shape with criss-crossing lines to trace by tapping on candy nodes to direct Andy to eat the candy covering the line.

The colors are bright and vibrant and a little cartoony. If you watched last year’s “Wreck-It Ralph,” you’ll actually get a hint of the candy-themed land from that movie.

The lead character is an adorable little green alien ball with a robotic voice who traces the candy lines with a cute little munching noise and he congratulates you each time you complete a level. Menu controls are kept aside in a corner radial menu which is unobtrusive but accessible.

Andy Candy Android Game

Andy Candy Android Game


The gameplay starts off simple and increases in complexity as you complete the levels. You are presented with the shape and its nodes and you select a starting node for Andy then send him off on his munching.

Your first level is a basic triangle serving as a tutorial which directs you through gameplay and the first few levels are relatively easy but once you’re even a half-dozen in, you begin to need to hit the restart button more than once as you play around with starting nodes and strategy.

Some of the late-game levels are very, very difficult and it will take a lot of patience to avoid giving up.

Once you’ve progressed through quite a few increasingly difficult levels, the game throws two curveballs at you. You’ll begin to encounter “chocolate” lines which require two trips across the line to complete.

Strategies that served you in earlier levels have to be completely rethought once you break out of the “one pass only” mindset. You also encounter teleporters which shunt you from one node to another and if you aren’t careful, you’ll easily get Andy trapped somewhere he cannot complete.

The gameplay uses a timed approach with a star rating to let you know how efficiently you complete a level and you can always retry a level to get more stars.

Each one you complete adds candy pieces to a central silhouette (one for each of two sets of levels) which eventually fills up into the cupcake and chocolate ball icons shown on the title screen. In the meantime, though, you can tap on the pieces to make them bounce around which was a delightful little surprise added in by the developers.

Overall Value

Andy Candy is a fun, little puzzle game which is free to download and supported by ads.

It’s a remarkably well-designed game and will provide a lot of entertainment for puzzle aficionados.

While younger players may be attracted by the visuals, they may end up frustrated with the difficulty presented in later levels, but older children and adults who enjoy puzzles will find this a great, free casual game.

andycandy-qrAndy Candy requires Android 2.3+.

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