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Killer Escape 3: Like Myst . . . In Space!

Killer Escape 3: Like Myst . . . In Space!

Price: Free
Killer Escape 3
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at Android Apps Review, we spend a lot of our time pining after bygone genres—we’re aware, and we just don’t care. Games were special and just more exciting in the Monkey Island years. And this is why we’re so excited to be looking at Killer Escape 3, from Psionic Games, today.

The app is a perfect blast from the past, bringing energizing (and often terrifying) point-and-click adventuring to the Android platform. It’s a high-intensity thriller with some serious puzzling action, and if that sounds like a good time out to you, then keep on reading. 

Our full review of Killer Escape 3 is just below the break. 

Concept and Gameplay

Killer Escape 3

Killer Escape 3 for Android

The idea behind Killer Escape 3 is pretty simple: If you’ve ver played one of the all-time classic point-and-click style adventurers of old, then you’ll fit right in with what the game has to offer.

You’ll start off with a vague story involving serial killers (and space). From there, you’ll need to explore, poke and prod your way to freedom. 

How do you do this? But doing what this most stringent of genres dictates! Look at the thing, and then tap it to see what it is. As you go along, you’ll collect inventory items that can be used to complete certain tasks. You’ll also need to click quite a lot of things in the correct order to figure out what they’re about.

This involves trial and error, a little foreknowledge, and a heap of attention to detail. If you’re particularly cunning and willing to take some risks, you should be able to figure out the puzzles in no time. 

There’s also a deep subtext of gore and violence involved with Killer Escape 3—this is definitely a mark in its favor.

The best games from this field feature not only solid gameplay, but a wicked story to go along with it. Killer Escape 3 certainly fits that mold, and you’ll not come away disappointed. 

Design and Graphics

What can we say? There’s absolutely nothing more we’d ask of Killer Escape 3. It’s absolutely gorgeous, while the controls are simple to navigate and quickly provide results. The story is intriguing, the occasional detail touches (like the blood on the walls) are soul-crushing, and the puzzles are wicked hard. 

If you’re a diehard fan of the genre like us, there’s only one way you’ll leave Killer Escape 3: Impressed. It’s just that well-made. 

Overall Value

Not to mention the fact that Killer Escape 3 won’t cost you a single pretty penny! You can have everything we’ve been talking about at no extra cost to you. Yes, you heard that right. If you’re itching to give the game a go, you can do so now without even spending a dime.

All in all, Killer Escape 3 is an absolute tour de force of a genre we love, and with a price tag that doesn’t begin to approach the quality.

The game is an absolute steal, and if you’re in the mood for just such a gem, you’re looking at the highest-quality of diamond.

Killer Escape 3Killer Escape 3 requires Android  2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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