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Online Soccer Manager: Fulfilling Your Dreams, One Play at a Time

Online Soccer Manager: Fulfilling Your Dreams, One Play at a Time

Price: Free
Online Soccer Manager (OSM)
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Online Soccer Manager (OSM) Android App

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

We haven’t taken a proper survey, but we’re willing to bet that everyone’s fantasized about being a hotshot, world-traveling super manager at some point in their lives. You know, the kind that blows from fancy hotel to fancy hotel, collecting money, romantic entanglements and fame along the way. 

Well, now you can satisfy all of that with the ever-popular and always great Online Soccer Manager, from Gamebasics BV.

This app is the best way we know to live it up as your own team manager. It lets you control every aspect of your experience, and with a high level of immersion thrown on top the pile.

If that sounds like a fun time out, then you’ll find our whole review below.

Concept and Gameplay 

As you might have gathered from the title, Online Soccer Manager is a soccer team management simulation. However, that’s a pretty bland way to describe what you’ll get here.

The game lets you start from the bottom, fashioning together a team and kicking them to the training curb to increase their potential. From there, you work hard to scout new team players, manage injuries, play games and overcome setbacks. 

That’s putting it all rather lightly, however. Online Soccer Manager is detailed to say the least, and with its simple interface, you can spend as much or as little time as you like ironing out your team. From individual lineups to post-game statistics: The game has more than enough information for you to stay occupied with. 

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) Android App

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) Android App

However, the real kicker (no pun intended) for us happens to be the game’s excellent tournaments. Considering the app has something like 5 million players worldwide, there’s more than enough competition to make these tournaments engaging, fun and infinitely rewarding.

There’s nothing quite like coming out on top as the premier manager of the best team in the league. Really, there just isn’t.  

Design and Interface

For a game that deals with such high-flying concepts as being a rock-star footy manager, Online Soccer Manager has a curiously cartoon style.

It didn’t take us long to get used to this, though. And as stated, there’s a nearly infinite amount of data to be picked through with Online Soccer Manager. We’d certainly have a hard time calling it a child-friendly app. 

The game’s simple interface certainly is a draw, however. It takes very little time at all to start playing, and the app makes it easy to dive in head first. Once you’re there, you could easily spend several weeks without becoming bored—if even then. 

Overall Value

But the absolute best part about Online Soccer Manager? It’s 100% free in the Google Play Store. To fully unlock everything the game has to offer you’ll eventually need to chip-in for some in-app purchases. However, these aren’t expensive, and we have a feeling you’ll not be complaining. 

This is easily the best online soccer management simulation available on both Android and iPhone. If that appeals to you, then you’ve got nothing to lose. And after all, can millions of players really be wrong? 

qrcode.23378673Online Soccer Manager requires Android. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. You can fulfill your dreams of being a soccer team manager now with this fun game by picking your own team, organize your first 11 and determine your game tactics.

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