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Scales and Balls: Not Your Typical Matching Game Free

Scales and Balls: Not Your Typical Matching Game

Price: Free
Scales and Balls
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Scales and Balls, a game developed by Patrin Andrey, challenges players with a new spin on an old classic game. Currently available for free, this well-designed puzzle game will appeal to anyone to who enjoys games like “Bejeweled” and is looking for an additional challenge.


As mentioned previously, Scales and Balls is a game similar in concept to the popular “Bejeweled” game. However, unlike the traditional version of that popular game, Scales and Balls throws in a few more added dimensions to the regular challenge of aligning three like balls in a row.

In this app, the weights of the matching-colored balls are also important (thus the “scales” part of the game title); the weights of adjacent columns are also important, as these weights determine how the balls can move within the app.

Time is also a factor in Scales and Balls, and acting too slowly will result in too many balls piling up and the game ending.

Overall, I found the game play of Scales and Balls to be simple enough to catch on quickly and yet challenging enough to keep me interested. The pace of the app is quick but not impossible; this combination of factors keeps it interesting without being overly difficult.

Appearance and Layout:

Scales and Balls Android App Review

Scales and Balls Android Game

Scales and Balls offers players a fairly easy to navigate layout; it’s easy to get around with minimal unnecessary clutter on the screen at any one time.

While the graphics aren’t particularly praiseworthy, these simplistic graphics are appropriate for the needs of the app. Specifically, the game’s focus is on the matching challenges it presents—not on the appearance of the game pieces themselves.

Still, the app’s developers obviously did put thought into the aesthetic design of the app; instead of just plain solid-colored backgrounds, unique scenic backgrounds are used to spice up the app’s appearance.


This is a free app, and for anyone looking for a fun and challenging game it is a great addition to their app collection.

Although not a super original game in concept, it’s still an entertaining app that offers an interesting twist. The game play is challenging but not impossible, and the concept of the game is simple enough for most players to catch on during their first try.

Overall, Scales and Balls is an app that will appeal to anyone who likes fast-paced challenges.

Scales3Scales and Balls requires 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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