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QwickNote is Packed With Features and Makes Note-Taking a Breeze

QwickNote is Packed With Features and Makes Note-Taking a Breeze

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

In the myriad of note-taking apps available in the Google Play Store, what sets a given app apart from any other is in the ease of use and features provided.

Qwicknote, from Arbezone, distinguishes itself from its competitors by being dead simple to use with a robust set of features that puts it in a class with the best.

Concept and Functionality

Qwicknote starts with the assumption that what you really want to do when you open a note-taking app is, well, take and read your notes and we’re inclined to think they are right.

Adding a new note is as easy as a swipe from the left and a tap on one of the note types: text note, picture note, list, or voice note. This is also where you get to search and settings.

On that note, can we say it’s very refreshing to find a note app that includes search? That seems to be missing from many of the easy note-taking apps out there.

You can start typing your note, tap on any other note to edit it, and once you’re done with a note, you can swipe it away entirely.

You also have note-by-note options for sharing (with a remarkably full range of share options) and reminders, including repeating reminders which can be especially useful for a work task list.

QwickNote Android App

QwickNote Android App


There are a few great features we’d like to touch on. To start, a common failing of many note-taking apps is that once you delete a note, it’s gone forever. With an app like Qwicknote where notes are swiped away, that could be a great chance for errant swipes. However, Qwicknote adds a recycle bin where you can easily retrieve old notes.

It also comes with a simple widget which allows you to take a note right from the home screen and quickly see the notes you’ve marked as important.

You can also customize the app colors for the notes and the starred important notes. The app boasts a “16 million color” palette but be aware, this only applies one color at a time to the notes as a whole. We’d like to see them expand the option to color individual notes.

As well, you can sync with Dropbox and Google Tasks to ensure you can work on these tasks even when you’re not on your mobile device. If the developers add in Google Cloud to sync between devices directly, this app very well could replace Keep as our go-to for note-taking.

Overall Value

Qwicknote has a lot of great plusses that separate it from its competitors and as a free app, you can’t go wrong with this download. There is a pro version available which removes the ads from the settings menu and gives you unlimited notes, though in testing the free version we added dozens of notes and didn’t reach a cap.

qwicknote-qrQwickNote requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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