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Get Moving and Save the Day in Cow Cat Jump!

Get Moving and Save the Day in Cow Cat Jump!

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Cow Cat Jump!
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

If you’re looking for a challenge that takes the cuteness of cows and the agility of cats, take a look at Cow Cat Jump! from developer tabbycat222. This is a fun side-scroller that will challenge you and make you smile.

Concept and Functionality

In Cow Cat Jump!, you play an adorable little cat named Oscar whose fur is a mottled print much like a holstein cow. Oscar needs to retrieve a special flower in order to make medicine for his sick friends and, as is the nature of such adventures, the flower is only found in a dangerous volcano.

The concept is much like many platformers – get your character from one side of the stage to the other, dodging obstacles and enemies, navigating a variety of platforms both static and dynamic, and timing those jumps and turns with precision.

We found the levels to be actually quite challenging, despite the cutesy nature of the protagonist, and some of them seemed a bit too hard to be found so early in the game, but not impossible.

Cow Cat Jump is no different. Using the gyroscopic talents of your device, you tilt to the left or right to move Oscar and you swipe up to jump and down to trigger boxes containing fish. Collect these fish, as well as rats that run about, to extend a time limit imposed on every level.

Cow Cat Jump! Android Game

Cow Cat Jump! Android Game

The time to play that you start with is fairly generous, but some of the levels are challenging enough that you may need to take your time to play out a particular jump or dodge dogs and fireballs and other animals that will end your game prematurely.

The dogs and flaming projectiles are invincible but the other animals can actually be bounced on to eliminate them instead.


The game keeps score for every level, based on your total time to complete, so this makes catching rats and stopping to snag fish critical for keeping your score up.

For most stages, you’ll be able to run through them fairly quickly (30 seconds or less), which makes it handy for playing when you only have a short time to kill. All of these level scores combine to make your overall high score.

Cow Cat Jump! also integrates Google Play Games sign-in using Google+ so you can track your high score and compare it on the leaderboards. There are also a host of achievements to earn so if you’re working on your Games XP, you’ll have a good opportunity to bring your level up fairly easily.

Overall Value

For a fairly common genre as the platformer, Cow Cat Jump! actually brings quite a bit of challenge to the Play Store, and you might just find it worth your play regardless of your level of bovine or feline affection.

cowcatjump-qrCow Cat Jump! requires Android 2.3.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this article.’s Rating:

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