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Conquer Your Back-to-School Shopping Challenge With Backpack

Conquer Your Back-to-School Shopping Challenge With Backpack

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Backpack: School Shopping List
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

One of the most challenging parts of getting your family ready to go back to school is making sure you don’t forget any of the myriad school supplies necessary to ensure your child is ready for day one.

Backpack: School Shopping List by Organizy, Ltd. is the perfect app to help make sure you don’t miss a thing getting your child ready for school.

Concept and Functionality

The concept behind Backpack is absolutely simple: you need an easy way to check off all those various products that need to head to school with your student. Backpack provides this way in a simple, swipeable shopping list app customized for the school shopping trip.

On opening up the app, you are presented with a set of pre-designed lists for Kindergarden, Elementary School, Middle School, and High School students. Each one provides a list of the most common supplies needed for that grade level.

Tap on any list to see the supplies recommended, sorted by color categories such as basic supplies, art supplies, clothing, and so forth.

While you’re out shopping, you can swipe the item off the list to the right as you put it in your cart, or if that particular item isn’t needed you can swipe it to the left to delete.

You can always add a new item if there is something you need for your school in particular and you can even create a new list, each with very few taps.

Backpack Android App

Backpack Android App


While this app revels in its simplicity, there are a couple of features that add a little extra for the user. As you add and purchase / remove items from a given list, a handy counter on the shopping lists menu ticks up and down to tell you how much you have remaining.

You can also share the list with a robust share sheet including email and assorted social platforms.

A well-designed help menu gives you a visual rundown of the options for managing your shopping lists. You can also use the same swipe actions on the list menu itself to mark all as purchased or delete altogether.

If you accidentally delete a list, you can get it back through a trash can icon, though we wouldn’t have necessarily figured that out without the help menu.

While we certainly appreciate the app as-is, we think it could benefit by including a QR/barcode reader for importing information about an item you’ve just bought or for making a wish list.

You might also use this as a general shopping list app for any other purchase list, even though it’s particularly suited for school purposes. It has a distinctive look to it, somewhat chalkboard themed, and it has a very clean design.

Overall Value

If you have a difficult time keeping track of the purchasing side of the hectic back to school season, tossing a buck down for a well-designed app that takes some of the guesswork out might be worth it in savings of headache and forgotten items.

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