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Xeno Quest: A Tale of Knights, Armor, and Androids

Xeno Quest: A Tale of Knights, Armor, and Androids

Price: Free
Xeno Quest
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

When it comes to video game genres, there’s very little in life that we enjoy—nay, crave—more than a good old fashioned MMORPG.

We used to spend hours upon days with them back in the early years (Anyone still have an EverQuest account?) but now times have changed, and the times have swept toward the mobile platforms. 

And today, we’re brining you a true device-spanner called Xeno Quest., from NGames Interactive Limited.

The game is breathy, full of fresh graphics, and a good ride for your Android phone.

Though it isn’t perfect, if that sounds like a good time out, then slide on down below the break for our full review!

Concept and Gameplay

Xeno Quest

Xeno Quest

The idea behind Xeno Quest is roughly the same as any other MMO on the market. You’ll begin your character with no real stats to speak of, and only a simple classification to their name.

In this case, you’ll have the option to choose between Knight, Mage and Hunter. These all offer various benefits or detractions, but depending on your play style, we have a feeling you’ll favor one. 

From there, it’s all battles, skill-trees, upgrades and more! The game is pretty loot heavy, which is a good thing in our eyes. We love crafting our own items, as well as gathering booty from fallen foes. 

By slogging your way through battle after battle, and by beating up on the big baddies scattered throughout the game, you’ll slowly gain experience points.

From there, you can expect a typical ladder of RPG style improvements to add to your character. As usual, this will end with you pimped-out in your splendiferous armor with all the baddest attacks. 

And as you might expect, it is awesome

Graphics and Combat

Xeno Quest looks pretty phenomenal, no matter what platform you play it on. The graphics are sharp, and the RPG elements are rich enough to be rewarding, while also a bit challenging.

There’s all kinds of formations one must get the hang of to truly be a beast in combat. There’s even a PVP arena-style portion of Xeno Quest where you can blast fellow warriors. 

But it’s not all rainbows for Xeno Quest. Our only complaint is that combat is not truly real-time, nor can we feasibly expect it to be in the future. And that’s quite a tragedy. Rather than directing our character in the moment, you’re forced to watch a sort-of cinematic bit with results at the end. 

It’s not awful, but considering how good the rest of the Xeno Quest package is, it’s quite a deterrent. 

Overall Value

Still, Xeno Quest is totally free to play, making it insanely accessible for just about anyone with an Android (or iPhone, for that matter). It offers a rich world with endless customization, on top of a heap of missions. It’s a brilliant package. And though we’ve heard rumors of malfunctions on other devices, ours rocks fine. 

All together, Xeno Quest is still easy to recommend, though it may not be for everyone. Nevertheless, it’s an engaging and fun MMORPG for the Android platform. \

Xeno QuestXeno Quest requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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