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Chicken Strike: An Arcade Game of a Fowl Nature

Chicken Strike: An Arcade Game of a Fowl Nature

Price: Free
Chicken Strike
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Looking for a new arcade game with a bird-focus to play on the Android platform? We’ve got just the suggestion for you: It’s called Chicken Strike, from Jenots

Not only is Chicken Strike a simple game that takes just minutes to get a handle on, it happens to also be quite a ball.

With a unique premise, good graphics, and a free price tag, this is easily one to check out. 

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Concept and Gameplay

Unlike Angry Birds, or some of its successors, Chicken Strike doesn’t give us a long and detailed history of why you, the protagonist, hate chickens so much. However, it’s certainly a core part of the gameplay. 

To play the game, you’ll be firing cabbage out of a cannon at chickens that cluck their way across a high wire. And no, you didn’t hear any of that incorrectly. It’s a goofy premise, but oddly it’s one we didn’t question. It also happens to be a lot of fun. 

Shooting at the chickens is a quick and simple process. Just tap to shoot, while pushing either of the arrows at the bottom of the screen will move the cannon left or right.

Use this to your advantage, as the chickens will try their hardest to peg with pesky eggs they drop. If you get smacked by too many of these pasty missiles, it’s game over. 

Chicken Strike! for Android

Chicken Strike for Android

In this way, you’ll fire your way up to the big leagues, racking up gigantic high scores and forever making your mark on the chicken landscape. That’s the idea anyway. The game picks up pace quickly. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself struggling to keep up. 

Graphics and Controls

Typically with more off-label indie games like this, we tend to see good concepts and bad execution. However, Chicken Strike proves once again that stereotypes are just a bad idea.

The game not only looks solid, the controls are also breathtakingly simple.

We’ve covered already the mechanics involved, but a two year old could learn to play Chicken Strike in a matter of seconds. It’s just that easy to grasp. 

The artwork for Chicken Strike is cartoonish, pleasant, and a fitting match for the bizarre (yet totally fun) gameplay.

We do wish the game came with even more power ups, and perhaps some wild and crazy boss fights. But for now, the slew of items that’s here serve as more than enough compensation for our efforts. 

Overall Value

Chicken Strike is totally free in the Android Play Store. That’s more than enough reason to download it today, even if it’s not quite your cup of tea down the road. At this point it’s a fairly basic game but it’s also a game the developers can easily build on.

Regardless, if you’re anything like us we have a feeling you’ll keep coming back again and again for more chicken and cabbage fueled action. 

Chicken Strike is a winner, and gets a recommendation from us at 

Chicken Strike!Chicken Strike requires Android 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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