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Let Your Kids Play as They Learn With Kids Math 2

Let Your Kids Play as They Learn With Kids Math 2

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Kids Math 2
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Reviewed by Neha

Reviewed by Neha

Kids Math 2, from Kid Tiny, is top notch fun little educational game designed for your little ones. Nowadays all children seem to be jabbing away at tablets. What better way to make their game playing time a more education one, than letting them get their hands on Kids Math 2?

This game teaches them to count, as well as other basic mathematical skills, all wrapped up in a child-friendly package, and it’s even entertaining for adults!

How to play Kids Math 2

After launching the app, the player will be on the main menu, where they can either adjust the volume levels in the option menu, or they can click play the start the game.

In the game menu, there are four different islands for you or your child to explore, each with a different educational concept to learn.

The first is the space themed level, where players are required to move the correct missing number into the vacant bubble to complete the solution. This level covers simple addition, subtraction and number sequences.

The pumpkin island level teaches children to learn numbers. First, the player clicks on the number that they want to learn (1-10). Then they can progress through a series of levels, collecting that number of apples from a tree, then identifying the number visually, from a collection of others.

Kids Math 2 Android Game

Kids Math 2 Android Game

Over on the penguin island level, players are going to learn more simple mathematical skills, such as subtracting and addition, although via a different procedure. A simple mathematics problem appears on screen for them to solve.

We like how the concepts of addition and subtraction are brought home by a hand that either adds or takes away objects to and from the collection, leaving the correct answer.

Lastly, there is the matching pair level which is a fun-for-all bonus. It isn’t really about math, but more about memory. Here, the player starts with 16 blue leaves on the screen, behind which are eight matching pairs of numbers.


While we can see this game useful for some adults, most importantly the gameplay is simple enough for children to grasp – as that is the point of the app. All of the images on the screen are bright, colorful and very easy to identify. Audio has also been inserted so children can learn how to say the numbers, too.

The levels are open-ended, meaning you can potentially go on and on, without levels repeating themselves. This is great for kids, who could happily be there for hours, or at least until your battery runs out!

Two aspects of gameplay that are worth mentioning (as they could be better) are the return button, and level coordination. There is no return button in the game (only the “back” button on the tablet itself), which means that children are unlikely to be able to switch back to the menu on their own.

Secondly, the levels are not coordinated in order of difficulty. It would have been better if the first level on the top of the page taught kids the numbers, before they learned how to subtract or add with them. These are small gripes, and nobody will really take issue with them. They certainly don’t do anything to damper the game’s appeal for children.

Overall Value

If your young child is playing on a tablet; why not have them play this app? With Kids Math 2, your children with be counting and more in no time, all on their own. We look forward to this app’s updates and we applaud the developer for their effort.

kidsmath2-qrKids Math 2 requires Android 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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