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Sniper Shot – Strike Force 3D is a Thrilling New Game

Sniper Shot – Strike Force 3D is a Thrilling New Game

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sniper shot – strike force 3D
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Somewhere between taking advantage of the advanced gaming capability of the Android platform and not quite polished enough to be a blockbuster, you’ll find Sniper Shot – Strike Force 3D by brazuka.

This is a thrilling new Android first-person shooter game built on the Unity platform. While there’s a lot to enjoy about this game there are also a few somewhat substantial holes, so let’s get into it.

Concept and Functionality

You play a sniper, assigned to retrieve five keys from a factory all while taking out the assorted guards lurking about a factory.

The factory itself is one of the ways in which this game shines. By utilizing the Unity toolset, the developer has constructed a fully 3D environment to explore, which really plays well on both phone and tablet.

The controls are fairly standard for a shooter – two virtual thumbsticks are available on the left and right, controlling movement and aim respectively.

Also located on the right are your zoom, reload, and shoot buttons. For the most part, the controls work smoothly and are rather accurate to the touch. You can adjust the sensitivity of the aim side in the menu.

sniper shot - strike force 3D Android Game

sniper shot – strike force 3D Android Game

You face off against immobile AI controlled opponents who are actually extremely tame. They do not fire at you until you are within a preset distance and, even then, their aim is demonstrably off.

In our tests, we stood directly in front of them and were not shot perhaps nine of ten times. This is an area in which the developers should at least provide a difficulty toggle as the challenge was very limited by this factor.


The “sniper” in Sniper Shot comes into play when you use the zoom function. Like a sniper taking aim, you can scope out your target with one tap and control the zoom further by sliding up and down on the button while you’re in zoom mode.

Here, however, is where the second of the holes shows up. The center of your screen holds a crosshair which allows you to target where you fire. However, the aim is substantially off with a leftward pull, meaning you always have to fire slightly to the right of the target you want to hit.

You earn a rank on the stage based on how many of the enemies you find and kill and how many of the keys you retrieve. Earn a high enough rank and you unlock new weapons to use in your next attempt.

Overall Value

Despite its flaws, Sniper Shot – Strike Force 3D has a lot to offer as a casual attempt at an entry into the shooter genre. With further development, something the Unity toolset will offer in spades, we have no doubt this game will be excellent.

snipershot-qrsniper shot – strike force 3D requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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