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Try out Sudoku In Space for an Out of this World Experience Free

Try out Sudoku In Space for an Out of this World Experience

Price: Free
Sudoku In Space
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Sudoku In Space is a new game created by Napland Games, LLC.

It’s a creative new take on Sudoku that contains many levels of  games of varying difficulty with an optional gameplay twist that utilizes colors “for a cosmic challenge.”


Sudoku In Space features the traditional game of Sudoku, but what makes this version of Sudoku unique is the incorporation of colors as “units.”

For example, instead of using the numbers 1 through 9, Sudoku In Space uses 9 different colors in their place. Although it’s a simple change to a long-standing game, the colors allow for a new, refreshing Sudoku experience.

This way, it is a little more of a challenge to play using only colors, but this twist on an old classic helps make for a fun and unique experience.

However, it should be noted that the option to play traditionally with numbers is available as well.

For those that are new to Sudoku, Napland Games has integrated an informative tutorial to learn the basics of the game.

Sudoku In Space features a staggering 460 levels. The difficulty of these levels ranges from “beginner” to “hard.” The beginner levels feature a 2×2 layout, while all the other levels feature the standard 3×3 grid.

Sudoku In Space also utilizes a 3 star ranking system and records the amount of time it takes to complete a level. Therefore, even if someone were to complete all 460 levels, there is an option to retry any previously completed levels at a faster pace with fewer mistakes.

Appearance and Layout

Sudoku In Space Android App Review

Sudoku In Space Android Game

Sudoku In Space features the game of Sudoku with an outer space theme. Although the overall look and design of the game is unique and cohesive, it still appears to be dated and not very appealing to the eye.

For instance, I found that the overall game screen was unnecessarily cluttered with icons and buttons. With that said, the game is still cute, quirky, and innovative in such a way that makes playing an enjoyable experience.


Sudoku In Space is a free game to download from the Google Play Store (as well as the iTunes store for iOS devices). We’re happy to say that Napland Games offers a one-time $0.99 payment within the app to permanently remove advertisements from the game.

The advertisements aren’t annoying and are tastefully incorporated, but having the option to remove them is certainly still appreciated.

Overall, the vast amount of content in this game makes Sudoku In Space a really good download for both casual and enthusiast Sudoku players alike.

QR SudokuInSpaceSudoku In Space Android requirement varies with device. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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