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Jumpy Jester: Put On Yer Clown Shoes and Hop!

Jumpy Jester: Put On Yer Clown Shoes and Hop!


Price: Free
Jumpy Jester
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Over the years here at Android Apps Review, we’ve learned one very important thing: You just cannot get enough arcade games in your life. No matter how many we try, we’re always eager to put our mittens on another.

This is why we’re so stoked to be looking at Jumpy Jester, from Gregory Parton, today.

Jumpy Jester offers a fresh concept, solid graphics with a slight retro twist, and more than enough engagement to keep us coming back. 

If all of that sounds like something you’d like to add to your daily routine, then find our full review tucked beneath the break below! 

Concept and Functionality 

Once at the wheel of Jumpy Jester, you’ll spend your time piloting a tiny clown—or jester, we suppose. Your character is kept on a bottom-of-the-screen conveyer belt of sorts, while in front, enemies will slide toward you. You’ll need to jump over them, or you’ll be forced to take a shameful walk through Game Overton. 

How do you avoid the baddies? Just tap to jump! It’s that easy, and any monkey (with excellent reflexes that is) could do it. When you tap, your character will leap into the air, hopefully avoiding the baddies below and allowing you to progress. 

As you continue, you’ll encounter a wider variety of bad guys, including short and tall ones that help to add some variety to the game. Along the way, you’ll also encounter various power-ups. Use these to your advantage, as Jumpy Jester can be quite challenging at times, and it can often be difficult to stay on your feet—or in the air. 

Jumpy Jester Android Game

Jumpy Jester Android Game

And that’s the entirety of the gameplay! It’s quick, punchy, and offers enough action to keep just about the twitchiest of arcade gamers happy. 

Graphics and Design 

Jumpy Jester sports an arty style that we can only describe as “modern-retro.” It’s simultaneously sleek and electric while also bearing a lot of resemblance to titles from old. It’s not necessarily a pixelated coat of paint, as in Tiny Towers. But yet it still reminds us of some of our olden favorites. 

However, we do wish the gameplay came with a little more design spice. Rather than relying on your reflexes to get the job done, often the title has you simply tapping rhythmically to hop over the enemies. This is fine, except missing a “beat” will cost you an entire game: and not in a way where you’ve closely missed it. Rather, it’s a bit soggy feeling, and this can grate on your nerves after a while. 

Overall Value

Still, it’s hard to argue with the value that Jumpy Jester is offering. There’s a lot to love here, and though we might like more enemies, a random cycling of troop types, and perhaps additional powerups, there’s still plenty of action to be had.

All of that which amounts to a solid recommendation for Jumpy Jester, as well as our hearty tip of the hat. 

jumpyjesterandroid-qrJumpy Jester requires Android 2.2 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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