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Fly Through the Skies with Bee Bob $1.19

Fly Through the Skies with Bee Bob

Price: Free Rating: Bee Bob: Honey Bee Adventure Android Game Review by

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Bee Bob: Honey Bee Adventure is a simple 2D game by Boto that involves controlling a little bee named Bob. The main objective of the game is to collect honey from flowers scattered throughout the level and transfer the sweet liquid to a bee hive. This sounds simple enough, but there are many animals in the forest that can hurt Bob. Features In terms of “fight or flight,” Bee Bob is of the flying category. Since Bob is just a hard-working little bee, his best option is to avoid the animals of the forest. Bee Bob is a fun and enjoyable game with beautifully designed levels and features controls that are responsive and quick. The world of Bee Bob is a true work of art. The levels are intricately designed with an abundance of foliage and multitudes of varying animals. However, during my time playing this app I found that the main flaw with Bee Bob is the amount of times it crashed while playing. The game often froze and crashed during level start up. It was frustrating at times, but once the game started up properly, the overall positive gaming experience made up for this fixable flaw. Hopefully with additional updates, this won’t even be an issue anymore. Appearance and Layout

Bee Bob Android App Review

Bee Bob Android Game

As mentioned previously, even at a quick glance Bee Bob looks like a beautiful game. However, taking a closer look at the levels makes for a rewarding experience. The varying types of flowers, overgrowth of shrubs, and towering trees add depth to the visuals of the game. In comparison to the world of the game, the character models aren’t as detailed as the flowers. It would have been more appealing to have the same artistic style of the environment applied to the character models of Bee Bob, but the look of the game is still very appealing, especially to younger eyes. Basically, Bee Bob is a perfect game for little ones. The game is fun to look at and easy to get around. Value Overall, Bee Bob is a very good game, especially if you’re looking for a game to keep a child busy. The game looks great, and the replay factor is high. For $1.19, the game is slightly more expensive than the standard $0.99 games in the Google Play store. While the somewhat frequent in-app crashes were definitely frustrating, the overall gaming experience is still a positive one. beeqrBee Bob requires Android 3.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review. AndroidAppsReview’s Rating:

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