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Share Your Thoughts with Zaundy Free

Share Your Thoughts with Zaundy

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Zaundy is an app by Marlove that encourages Android users to leave their “soundprint” any time, anywhere. Currently available for free, this addition to your Android device is a way to vocally share your thoughts and feelings about various locations you may visit.


Through apps like Instagram, Android users can share their photos and videos of places they have visited, and through apps like Twitter, consumers can easily share their thoughts (written) and photos as well.

Up to now, vocally sharing thoughts about a place or experience (without an accompanying video) was not really an option. Zaundy is an app that seeks to change this.

Zaundy lets users create short sound bites any time and place that they want. These sound clips are then tagged according to location; users can add their own hashtags to the clips as well. Since all Zaundy clips are public, any other users of the app can then listen to your recordings, and clips are sorted either by time or location.

Overall, I found making recordings on Zaundy to be fairly straightforward and simple. However, I was a bit disappointed by the current user population, as no other users really seemed to be in my area. While this minor issue may easily be remedied over time, it’s still not an app that really makes new users want to jump right on to the bandwagon, which may make any user population growth comparatively slow to witness.

Appearance and Layout

Zaundy App Review

Zaundy Android App

While Zaundy offers Android users with a unique concept for an app, its appearance and layout are not quite so refreshing. Specifically, getting around the app was decently intuitive and simple to do, but I felt that the screen of Zaundy was unnecessarily cluttered.

A more visually pleasing layout would definitely increase the overall appeal of the app significantly. Since the primary purpose of the Zaundy is to share sound clips (not photos or videos), a bit more attention to aesthetic details for the layout of the app would have been appreciated; unlike photos or videos, sound clips themselves just can’t be relied on to provide any aesthetic appeal on their own. It would also be interesting if there was a speech-to-text feature built in so you can quickly see comments.


As mentioned previously, Zaundy is currently available for free.

Zaundy is an innovative app that has tremendous potential. Its price seems perfectly fair for the app, as it needs to build a wide audience before it will be appealing to many users. While the idea of publically sharing sound bites of your thoughts and feelings is somewhat unique, the practicality of the app is still a question, only time will tell.

Unlike shared images (like Instagram) or written thoughts (like Twitter), sound clips cannot really be socially acceptably enjoyed in public without the use of headphones. Still, for users who are attracted to the concept of Zaundy, this app will probably please them.

QR ZaundyZaundy requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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