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Race Your Way through Thrilling Worlds in Speed Blazers $1.10

Race Your Way through Thrilling Worlds in Speed Blazers

Price: $1.10
Speed Blazers
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Speed Blazers by Fractalvoid.Pty.Ltd is a top-notch newcomer that challenges Android users to race to a finish line while successfully navigating through exciting obstacles.

Played against the computer (that controls two other racers), this game of speed offers high replay value for anyone with a need for speed.


As indicated by its name, Speed Blazers features challenging race tracks throughout its levels. Players are given a choice of eight different characters to play with, and their chosen character then races against pre-selected players controlled by the computer/app itself.

Controlling characters through the in-course obstacles is done by an on-screen swipe control system; overall, I felt that the app’s response time to my directing swipes was pretty good.

While I ran into a bit of a lag when trying to do tricks in the air, the response time of Speed Blazers is still mostly acceptable. However, it should be noted that the developers of the app state that while Speed Blazers is compatible with Android versions 4.0 and up, operations may run slower on any relatively old Android devices.

In addition to the regular race speed styles, the app also features a “super mode,” and while I didn’t notice much of a difference in the racer’s speed, this mode did change the player’s appearance in a fun way.

Speed Blazers currently features a whopping 72 different challenges, which should be more than enough to satisfy most of the app’s players. While playing directly against other Speed Blazers users is not currently an option for that app, course scores can be saved and shown off through Google Play if desired.

Appearance and Layout

Speed Blazers App Review

Speed Blazers Android Game

Even though the overall gameplay offered in Speed Blazers is great, the graphics of this game are still probably its strongest point. The app displays quality, detailed artwork done in the style of Japanese anime characters, and so will obviously have a strong appeal to any anime fans.

These graphics are consistently excellent for both the in-app characters, as well as for the many levels/worlds that the race course run through; a good deal of variety is also displayed in these tracks, lending to the strong replay value of Speed Blazers.

Finally, the layout and menu design of Speed Blazers is also well done. It is easy to navigate and pleasantly non-cluttered.


Currently offered for $1.10 through the Google Play store, this app is definitely a good purchase for its price tag.

While Speed Blazers could still probably use a few minor tweaks (like improving control response time a bit) to improve user’s gameplay experience, it still is a game that is worth its price tag.

The courses are challenging and unique, the graphics are impressive, and the fast paced energy of the app all lend to excellent replay value.

QR Speed BlazersSpeed Blazers requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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