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WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor: Prospecting for WiFi is Now Fun and Informative

WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor: Prospecting for WiFi is Now Fun and Informative

Price: Free
WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you had asked us a week ago if we’d enjoy an application designed to provide us with detailed, intricate looks at our surrounding WiFi networks, we would have said no: After all, that sounds tedious at best. 

Then WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor , from ManageEngine, wandered into our lives, changing everything.

WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor not only provides a visually stunning way to get incredible amounts of information on your local networks, it somehow manages to make the whole thing geeky levels of fun.

If that’s got your interested piqued, then head on down below the break for our final word on this unique, data-mining app! 

Concept and Functionality 

We’ve presented WiFI Analyzer and Surveyor as a mining app of sorts, and though that’s accurate, the title better sums up what you’ll find here.

The application is intended to help you collect data on your local WiFi networks, including interference rations, signal strength, and a whole host of other points for consideration. 

The tittle even contains the app’s two specific modes. The first is the Analyzer mode, which more or less allows you to just “get a feel” for what’s going on.

For instance, ever wonder how strong your router is when you’re in the bedroom, as opposed to the kitchen? With Analyzer, it’s simple enough to get that going. Just click into the appropriate mode, then take a stock reading at both locations. 

WiFi Analyser and Surveyor

WiFi Analyser and Surveyor

Along the way, you’ll also get other data points like interference levels, a precise channel graph, and a more detailed look at other networks in the area. It’s good, accurate data, and it creates an easy-to-read picture of your WiFi situation. 

However, it’s the Surveying section of the app that really wows. If you happen to have a floor plan of your area, you can use the app to wander about, and then generate real, detailed looks at the WiFi forrest near your property. That’s downright awesome, and though it won’t work for everyone, it’s certainly nifty. 

Design and Interface

As we mentioned earlier, the most surprising aspect of WiFI Analyzer and Surveyor is how good it looks. This is a tool designed to do a geeky thing, providing you with nerdy results. It shouldn’t be soft, warm and springy to the touch. And yet . . . it is! 

The graphics are smooth, and the animations are inviting. The color palate is a lot more Eddie Bauer than it is PC World, and we cannot get enough of it. Truly, this is one we did not expect to be so usable. But as far as we’re concerned, there isn’t a better-looking WiFi analyzing option anywhere in the Google Play Store. 

Overall Value

WiFI Analyzer and Surveyor also happens to be totally free to play. You can grab it this instant off the Google Play Store and immediately go to town on your local networks — at no cost to you! That’s a fantastic bargain, and one we’re quick to recommend. 

If you already use a WiFi scanner frequently, this is a fabulous addition to your tool belt. If you’ve never tried one before, they don’t get any easier to use or better looking that WiFI Analyzer and Surveyor. Take our word for it, this is a special breed indeed. 

WiFi Analyzer and SurveyorWiFi Analyzer and Surveyor requires Android 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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