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How Long Can Your Survive the Zombie Rampage!

How Long Can Your Survive the Zombie Rampage!

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Zombie Rampage!
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Reviewed by Neha Agrawal

Reviewed by Neha Agrawal

Zombie Rampage!, from Black Pi Studio, is the ideal game for players seeking a fun, modern scrolling platform game, with decent graphics and an all-the-rage theme.

In this fun shooter, the idea is to guide your hero across the screen, moving him up and down to kill rampaging zombies, much as the title suggests. There are other objects to shoot on the way, all of which can boost your XP level.

It’s not the most complex game ever, but there is something very chilled back about Zombie Rampage, that makes it a simple game to play, and ideal for many teenage and adult players.


Once the app is launched, you have the option of either signing in via your Google account, or playing the game anonymously. On the main menu, players can choose to play the game, go to the store or customize their options. Adjustable options include turning gore and blood on or off, and the music.

Zombie Rampage! Android Game

Zombie Rampage! Android Game

The first level is a tutorial, that shows you how to move the hero, fire your weapon and other guidance to claim XP and stars.

Your hero will be walking down the street, and you must eliminate all zombies that are rampaging in the town. The more you kill, the better your score will be. There are some “side-quests”, such as collecting bottles, and trashing mailboxes. Simply shoot these when they appear on screen, to pocket more XP and stars.

Upgrade options include a pump-action shotgun, an assault rifle, a rapid-fire automatic weapon and finally, a serious piece of kit (an imaginary weapon, with no real name), that looks the ideal tool for whacking zombies. If you collect any red stars (Rampage stars), you can pocket Rampage Weapons; M60, RPG, and airstrikes.

We would strongly recommend upgraded your weapons as soon as you can since the amount of rampaging zombies that will appear will soon overwhelm you, if you only have a handgun at your side.


This app runs smoothly, and it features pretty decent graphics. The developers have opted for an old-school black and white film finish to the game’s screen, and that gives it a kind of B-movie theme. Normally, zombie games can be pretty generic and dull, but this one has the longevity to keep you interested.

Whilst it is true that if you have played one level, you’ve played them all; the decision by the developers to include a store where you can purchase upgrades (with stars, not real money), keeps things fresh.

There is an online leaderboard, so players can compete against their friends and others in the online gaming world, to be the top dog; and there are challenge modes, where players are tasked with keeping themselves alive for 30 seconds, in a survival-horror style scenario.

The gameplay itself is pretty decent. Your hero can move a little slowly up and down the screen, but the shooting accuracy is pin-point, and you won’t get frustrated with approaching zombies and misfiring weapons. When you are out of the ammo, the game generously refills your gun, though it doesn’t do it until the last minute, which makes you sweat a bit! Still, that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?

Overall Value

Zombie Rampage is definitely a game you want in your rotation. For younger player parents can turn the gore and blood feature off. At the end of the day, Zombie Rampage doesn’t try to be too serious, and its cartoony graphics present it as a light-hearted, entertaining and free mobile gaming title.

Overall we highly recommend it and give it a rating of 4.5. There is potential for future upgrades to make it even better, such as more weapons. The lack of ads when you’re playing is a plus that we appreciate, and there are the different styles of gameplay that you can enjoy.

Zombie Rampage is fun, friendly, free, and definitely worth a look – if you don’t mind zombies, that is!

zombierampage-qrZombie Rampage! requires Android 2.1+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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