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Smarte Bucks is the Ultimate Coupon Clipping App

Smarte Bucks is the Ultimate Coupon Clipping App

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Smarte Bucks
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

We all know the frustration of reaching the end of the checkout line at the grocery store and realizing you left all your coupons at home. That’s money down the drain!

Smarte Bucks from Kaau IdeaLabs makes using coupons easy as pie once and for all.

Concept and Functionality

There are a lot of couponing apps available on the Play Store. Smarte Bucks tries to distinguish itself by admitting one of the important truths about coupons: the best ones aren’t found online.

You can save the most money using the coupons in your newspaper or mailings but it’s not always convenient to clip and carry around dozens of coupons when you may only need one or two for any given store.

Using Smarte Bucks is simple, you just snap a picture of all the coupons you want to use and organize them using the app.

This way, when you go shopping, you’ll know exactly which coupons you have and which ones you need to bring along on any given shopping trip.


This app is actually loaded with useful features to make your shopping trip easier. Smarte Bucks becomes the most convenient when you start from the shopping list tab.  The app doesn’t specifically tell you to do that, but we think it would be a plus if it did.

Once you have set up your shopping list with the assorted items you want to pick up, you can start cataloging your coupons.

Smarte Bucks Android App

Smarte Bucks Android App

When you snap a photo of the coupon, an OCR process extracts the text from the coupon to help automate registering it into the app. You can tweak the data it extracts as necessary to designate the store, the item, the type of discount, etc.

When you’ve gotten it all tagged with the right details, you can then assign the coupon to one of the items in your shopping list.

Then, when you get ready to go shopping, you can pull up your list and all the items that have coupons will be designated with the photo of the coupon so you can pull out the specific coupons you’re going to need to take on this shopping trip.

One thing missing from the app is a tutorial of sorts. There are actually links in the header of the home screen that take you to a YouTube video about the app, but this is more of a promotional explanation of the app itself instead of a “how to.”

The app is fairly intuitive but we would like to see at least a popup on first open with the basics explained.

Overall Value

The value you’re going to get out of this app is based on how much you utilize coupons in your shopping process.

If you’re into using coupons, there is no doubt that this will be a very useful app for you. It will be a timesaver and certainly a money-saver.

On the other hand, if you don’t really clip coupons, you’ll likely only use the shopping list portion of this app, so it might not be worth the space on your device.

smartebucks-qrSmarte Bucks requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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