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Dragonrunner Z: It’s Not Super Saiyan, But It’s Pretty Close

Dragonrunner Z: It’s Not Super Saiyan, But It’s Pretty Close

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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the Android Apps Review, we’re all about new and inventive arcade games for the Android platform. In fact, there’s little else in life that we enjoy more than a good, blood-pumping romp through some high-scores.

Dragonrunner Z, from Super Level, is exactly what we like; a fun, inventive, and challenging new running game for Android. It also has a . . . we’ll say familiar appeal. 

For our full rundown on this action-packed title, skip down below the break! 

Concept and Gameplay

Like all good running games, Dragonrunner Z has you mostly spamming two different actions. The first, of course, is jumping. You’ll want to hit this button often in order to stay alive. Otherwise, you’ll smack into the oncoming objects and enemies with a great loss in total high score. 

Dragonrunner Z Android Game

Dragonrunner Z Android Game

The other, slightly more interesting action, is the attack button. This will let you fire off shots of energy into the distance, hopefully making contact with your enemies. Every baddie killed equates to more points, and if you kill enough of them, you’ll get to . . . have a super time, we shall say. 

We’re being coy there, because it’s clear that Dragonrunner Z is an almost exact copy of the very famous Dragon Ball Z series. Down to the main character, everything about this is what you’d expect form a real, licensed game. However, this is neither canonical nor licensed.

To their credit, the developers are totally up front about this and state “This action game is made for all Dragon Ball Z fans!”

Still, that doesn’t detract from the fun we had playing the game! In fact, this is every bit as good as you’d want it to be. And though a lot of this isn’t wholly original, the gameplay itself is more than adequate enough to hold our interest. 

All in all, the action here is fast-paced, fun, and provided you don’t fail often, never-ending. 

Design and Graphics

It also helps Dragonrunner Z’s case a great deal that it looks as good as it does! This is no cheap knock-off. In fact, the graphics are downright professional, and we’re significantly impressed by what they’ve been able to pull off within the title. 

The physics engine that’s used here makes sense, and doesn’t leave us feeling jilted. In addition, the controls are stupid simple, and it’d be hard to miss them when you’re in need. Add all of this to a great mixture of coin-collecting, baddie jumping, and power-ball lobbing, and you’ve got yourself one solid arcade game. 

Overall Value

And did we mention that Dragonrunner Z won’t cost you a single penny to enjoy? You can have all that it offers today with no money down. And in our eyes, that makes this application one heck of a bargain. 

Considering the amount of leveling, high-scoring grabbing, and general merrymaking you’ll get out of Dragonrunner Z, it’s a miracle the price tag isn’t higher.

This is an engaging arcade game, and one we won’t put be putting down any time soon.

For those with a fondness for Dragon Ball Z, or just an appreciation for a good arcade game on the Android platform, Dragonrunner Z is a brilliant addition to the repertoire.

It’s an easy recommendation, and if you’re like us, you’ll have a whole lot of fun here. 

dragonrunner-qrDragonrunner Z requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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