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Don’t Get Mad, Get Even in Zombie Madness 2

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even in Zombie Madness 2

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Zombie Madness 2
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Reviewed by Neha Agrawal

Reviewed by Neha Agrawal

Zombie Madness 2, from Lumosoft Ltd., is a fun and challenging shoot’em up game that will thrill all zombie game lovers. You must successfully survive a zombie onslaught by building up your defenses, and simultaneously upgrading your weapons and skills to defeat a horde of brain-hungry zombies.

If you don’t succeed right away, stay with it. You’ll need a fair bit of patience to get through the days ahead (each day represents a new level) in this title, filled with these blood-thirsty zombie hordes.


Once you start the game you begin on Day One, and you will get to enjoy a brief (and very brief it is) tutorial of how the game works. On the screen will be a bunker, protected by some crude barb-wire and wooden defenses.

To the left, a horde of zombies will come lumbering to attack your fort. Zombie Madness 2 requires you to have both hands on your phone at all times. Your right hand will control the trajectory of the shot, whilst your left hand can be used to fire your weapon, and to collect coins.

Zombie Madness 2 Android Game

Zombie Madness 2 Android Game

You need to control the direction of the crosshairs, so that they line up with the oncoming zombies. Shoot too far and you’ll miss, too close and they’ll attack your defenses. If they break through you lose.

There are a number of features to assist you in this game. The first is the use of coins. Every time you kill a zombie, you will pick up coins. After successfully surviving each day, you can purchase upgrades such as the ability to buy bigger and better weapons, restore and upgrade your defenses, and even learn new skills, to help you mow down the zombies at a quicker rate.


In time, you can buy additional bunkers, and better fortifications to help you survive the onslaughts.

A very cool aspect of this game is that weapon upgrades include some of the most famous guns in history, such as a Colt 1908, K98 (scoped), and the M1 Garand, BAR, Thompson, Browning M1919, PTRS-41 Anti-Tank guns and more, including grenades, which are thrown from your bunker.

Some of the skills that you can acquire include better aiming, critical hits, piercing hits (only effective with long-range weaponry), faster reload times and swifter throwing grenades. Of course all of these upgrades will cost coins, which you pick up in the game. If you can’t be bothered to pick them up yourself, you can hire some help by purchasing a “coin man” to do it for you.

As for the controls, they can be a little fiddly, but you’ll learn to get used to it. The number one problem with game controls is that the reload button can be notoriously slow, and purchasing upgrades only makes it marginally faster. And, unfortunately, you can’t really rapid fire in this game (you get a warning not to).

Still, your adrenaline is pumped up as the zombies near your defenses, which increases the game’s excitement factor.

Overall Value

We definitely found this game to be an exciting and challenging romp but would like to see better response from the firing button and faster reloading.

This will give the game much better replay value since it wouldn’t be impossibly hard for some players in the later levels, when the number of zombies attacking you increases.

All in all though, Zombie Madness is a high-quality polished game that is solid fun.

zombiemadness-qrZombie Madness 2 requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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