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Morning Kit: Everything You Need, All in One Place

Morning Kit: Everything You Need, All in One Place

Price: Free
Morning Kit (Alarm & Panels)
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Getting everything ready for your daily routine is no cake walk. We understand how complicated and frustrating it can be to gather up all of your alarms, meeting times, bus schedules, and news sources into a manageable heap. And if you should mess any of that piling up, your day is bound to be a disaster from the get-go. 

Thankfully, there’s a new solution, and it’s called Morning Kit, from Yooii Studios.

Morning Kit is a delightful (and very good-looking) app that makes it a cinch to compile all of your day’s relevant information. That means less time spent searching, and more time spent living!

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Concept and Functionality 

The idea behind Morning Kit is simple, though very elegant in the way that it’s presented. All it does is take your mountain of necessaries for each day, and then shove them into an array of panels for quick access.

In fact, you’re the one that gets to put it all in place. Now, that’s a bird’s eye view, so here’s what you’ll actually be getting: 

Within the app’s various dashboard panels, you can attach a number of useful features. For instance, you can add your Google calendar into the mix, that way you know exactly what’s coming up every time you wake-up. 

Morning Kit Android App

Morning Kit Android App

Speaking of waking, why not add all of your alarms via Morning Kit? You can specify repeat times and everything, allowing you to map out even the craziest of schedules with ease. 

Need to know if today’s outfit requires an umbrella? Add the weather widget and wake-up in the know every single day. Or, add a world clock so you know exactly what time it is in Hong Kong for that upcoming teleconference. 

The list goes on, but sum total, Morning Kit allows you speedy access to your upcoming events, actual weather forecasts, popular news sources, Flickr feeds, memos, exchange rates, and even more. All of this in one tiny application! Now isn’t that special?

Design and Interface

Now, we’ve seen this kind of functionality before. In fact, the idea really isn’t all that inventive or new. Yahoo!’s dashboard did the same thing way back in the day, as did Google itself. However, the ability to easily keep all of this information arranged in such a gorgeous interface speaks for itself. 

The app is delightfully minimalist, and it could not be a simpler task to adjust the panels. Just drag in the bits you want, and nothing more. That way your dashboard is uniquely your own, and you can wake-up each day to a fully functionality, highly-informative (and very good-looking) info blast. 

Overall Value

As a totally free application in the Google Play Store, you just haven’t got a lot to lose by investing your time in Morning Kit.

If you’re like us and spend a great deal of energy improving your daily efficiency, this application is a delightful kick in the pants. It’ll get you on-track and ready to roll every day, and that’s just a fact. 

For that, it earns a solid recommendation from us at the Android Apps Review. 

Morning Kit requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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