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Press Release: Super Level Releases Dragonrunner Z, a Fast-Paced Action Arcade Game for Android

Press Release: Super Level Releases Dragonrunner Z, a Fast-Paced Action Arcade Game for Android

Dragonrunner Z
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September 24, 2014 – [Japan/USA]Dragonrunner Z, from Super Level, is a new fast-paced fun arcade game for Android with the look, feel and action of the Dragon Ball Z series.

dragonrunnerz1The game brings fresh button-mashing to the Google Play Store, as well as top-notch graphics and unmatched gameplay excellence.

Dragonrunner Z features obvious inspiration from the mid-1990s televisions series Dragon Ball Z. In-game, players must keep the main character alive in order to successfully get a high score. To do this, they’ll need to run through various levels collecting coins, jumping over baddies, attacking obstacles, and making a pathway through the chaos.

The action is incredibly quick, and a rich world has been provided as the setting.

By besting themselves, level by level, players can actually improve their character’s stats. Increasing strength makes attack moves bigger and more powerful, allowing the player to achieve even higher scores, reaching farther into the game. This adds a much-needed level of replay ability to the game, providing a reason for users to come back again and again for more action.

A recent review from gave Dragonrunner Z a rating of 4/5 stars and said, “For those with a fondness for Dragon Ball Z, or just an appreciation for a good arcade game on the Android platform, Dragonrunner Z is a brilliant addition to the repertoire. It’s an easy recommendation, and if you’re like us, you’ll have a whole lot of fun here.”

The review site went on to add, “Considering the amount of leveling, high-scoring grabbing, and general merrymaking you’ll get out of Dragonrunner Z, it’s a miracle the price tag isn’t higher. This is an engaging arcade game, and one we won’t put be putting down any time soon. ”

“We really made the game for fans and admirers of the Dragon Ball series,” says Super Level developer Jimmy. “We tried to include references, graphics and artistic overtones that made fans of the series feel right at home. And into all of that, we also tried to inject some solid gameplay. In the end, we think we nailed what we set out to do!”

Dragonrunner Z is available on a range of Android devices and requires version 2.3 or higher of the Android firmware. The game is currently ad supported with no word yet on an ad-free version hitting the market. In the first few weeks of its launch, Dragonrunner Z has already garnered several thousand downloads in the Google Play Store, and is receiving positive reviews.


About the Developer:
Super Level is a growing company with a focus on providing top-notch mobile gaming experiences to fans across the globe. Dragonrunner Z is the development studio’s first entry into the mobile gaming world, but they are hopeful for future releases. With positive reviews already rolling in for their first entry, Super Level hopes to continue to offer a fresh level of excellence and quality design for the Android platform.


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