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Chocoholics Will Delight in Yummolate

Chocoholics Will Delight in Yummolate

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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

How do you satisfy a sweet craving when all you have is your Android device? Well, Yummolate by Diwudada Inc. is a pretty good start!


Yummolate mixes several different design styles like varieties of chocolate in different wrappers. Overarching the entire app is a pastel color palette in shades of pale yellow, baby blue, and soft pink, that works really well to evoke a candy shop theme.

Another interesting design choice is the use of early 20th century motifs that have been coming back into fashion such as the ubiquitous moustache.

Normally a moustache in a candy-based game would seem out of place but the design choice strangely works here, almost as if the moustache belongs to the candymaker behind the app.

The level design is very clean and simple – rows and columns of sweets that you eliminate with a swipe. The bonbons and truffles have a variety of designs that pop against the white background.

The menus take a different tack, using bright colors to contrast the simplicity in the game itself.

Concept and Functionality

Yummolate is an entry in the genre brought digital by 2013’s popular “Dots,” the same lines and dots connecting type of game that we all played on graph paper as children, but it adds a some Candy Crush styling and gameplay notes to create a new take on the genre.

Yummolate Android Game

Yummolate Android Game

You are presented with a selection of sweets to clear by connecting them in straight lines one to the next. Much like the pencil and paper version, creating boxes is where the big value comes in, as it clears all sweets on the board of that type. Clear the required number of each type of sweet and you win the level – do it in only a few moves and you earn up to three stars.

As the game progresses, it throws a few curveballs at you, including obstacles that block the path of new sweets from entering the board and sweets that aren’t even required to complete the level.

Some levels require you to drop diamonds off the bottom of the board, adding another layer of challenge. You’ll also unlock postcards, new types of candy, and other powerups. Keep an eye on your lives, however, as you’ll have to wait for them to refill if you run out or take advantage of IAP to refill them.

At the time of this writing, the game incorporates Google Play Games services but they seem to be having a bit of trouble initializing. The developer is actively working on bug fixes and new content, so expect this app to continue growing and getting better.

Overall Value

Yummolate is a familiar game experience to be sure, and assuming you like the other games that fall into these genres, we think you’ll have a delicious time with this tasty new app.

yummolate-qrYummolate requires Android 2.2+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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