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Connect With Those Around You With Namaste

Connect With Those Around You With Namaste

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Written by Adam Itkoff

Written by Adam Itkoff

We’re always looking to connect with those around us, and grow our network. Sometimes the world moves so fast, that it’s simply hard to stop and meet those around us!

Now, with positive networking in mind, we have a brand new way to exchange skillsets and meet those in our neighborhood and beyond. By using the Namaste app, from Phone-Concept-SEZC, we can offer help to our neighbors, meet new people, and hopefully get a helping hand when we need it.

The app has Free and Premium versions, and allows you to meet people that you otherwise may never have encountered. If you want to offer your lawn-mowing service in exchange for getting your computer repaired, this is the way to do it!

Namaste takes the ingenious methods of old school bartering and gives it a highly contemporary spin.

If you’ve got a particular skillset that you want to share, why not do it with the Namaste App?

For example, if you’ve got a knack for fixing cars, this app will help you to connect with those who need some help with theirs! Within a 20KM radius limit, you can connect with those around you and make their world a little bit brighter by applying your skillset into their life.

Namaste Android App

Namaste Android App

On the flipside, if you need something done, you can utilize the Namaste app to help you with this.

For example, if you have a broken sink and want to call the plumbers, this might run you an hourly fee or a fixed rate of hundreds. By simply exploring the app and utilizing it correctly, you might find someone in your very building that can do the job, on the spot, at absolutely no cost.

Namaste is built on kindness and exchange, and is a remarkable approach to networking.

Some of the primary features of the Namaste App are as follows:

  • This app is ad-free.
  • This app maximizes your phones battery life by automatically shutting off after use.
  • Namaste deletes all old conversations after three weeks to keep your connections fresh.
  • You can login with email, instead of Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can network no matter where you go.
  • The premium version is extremely affordable at an annual cost of just $1.49.
  • Users are verified and the Namaste App is a safe mode of exchange.

In general, Namaste is adventurous and useful through and through. If you’re an Android user looking to expand your network, definitely download this one and give Namaste a try.

NQRNamaste requires Android 3.1+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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