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AccentuDate: Take the Guesswork out of Meeting New People

AccentuDate: Take the Guesswork out of Meeting New People

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’ve ever been single in a big city, you’re probably more than familiar with the 30 Rock episode that is that entire experience: Terrible date after terrible date, combined with utter loneliness and the occasional bit of utter despair.

If only there were a better way to put yourself out there, while ensuring the people you meet are good matches! 

Now, thanks to AccentuDate, from, finding your match is as easy as opening your phone and having a go.

AccentuDate makes it simple, tidy, and effective to meet others in or around your area. With intuitive gestures and a free price tag, there’s nothing to lose here. 

For our full review of this dating application, you need only to slide down below the break! 

Concept and Functionality 

AccentuDate for Android

AccentuDate for Android

In a lot of ways, AccentuDate shares some strikingly similar features to the very popular hook-up application Tinder. However, for those that aren’t hip to that train either, the gist looks like this: 

You boot up the app, sign-up for an account, and then enter a list of parameters you’d like to search for. These are, of course, tailored to your preferences. From there, you’ll be presented with a wall of faces, names, ages and locations. To interact with this wall of information, you can use quick gestures to work through the masses, pegging those you’re interested in quite easily. 

How’s this done? Simply by swiping! Swipe right to show interest in someone, or swipe left to pass. If the same person also swipes you, at any point, you’ll get a notification that a match has been made. 

Alternately, you can see the sum total activity from across the network at any point. View other profiles, and if you’re interested in someone, go ahead and wink at them! This can be done from their profile page. If you’re really feeling quite brave, you can send them a message, too. 

All in all, AccentuDate offers a quick and decisively convenient way to see who’s available in your area. 

Design and Interface

Here’s where things get a bit trickier for AccentuDate, though. Obviously, the app is not the flagship model for mobile dating apps. Places like Tinder or even OkCupid are much more popular. And when it comes to finding people you might want to date, a plentiful pool goes a long way. 

That being said, AccentuDate is just as high of quality as those other avenues. It’s not quite as well-designed in some ways, but the functionality is every bit as good as its competitors. Plus, with a smaller pool of consumers, you may be slightly more likely to meet that life-changing individual. 

Overall Value

And if you’re feeling a bit lonely and looking for a bit of love in the wide, wide world, you can use all the help you can get. Along those lines, AccentuDate is totally free for both Android (our preferred method, obviously) and iPhone platforms, so why not add it to your date-finding arsenal?

If you’re interested, it certainly can’t hurt to jump aboard and have a go! And with time, AccentuDate may yet be the 500 pound gorilla we’ve all been waiting for. 

AccentuDate for AndroidAccentuDate requires Android 3.4 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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