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Gobble Candies and Avoid Sharks in Toffee Snapper

Gobble Candies and Avoid Sharks in Toffee Snapper

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Toffee Snapper
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Reviewed by Neha Agrawal

Reviewed by Neha Agrawal

Toffee Snapper, from Bhalu Games, is an original idea for a mobile gaming app. The very notion that a colorful reef fish may have a hankering for toffees, and swim merrily along eating them is a noble idea, and one that is enjoyable.

But life for our hero isn’t all a bowl of cherries, or toffees as the case may be, and so he always has to stay away from the dangerous shark.

Whilst swimming along eating candy, the player must avoid the shark, and other hidden dangers, to accumulate high scores.

Utilizes cute 3D imagery and tilt controls, Toffee Snapper is an excellent example of what can still be achieved with scrolling screen games.


The concept involved in playing Toffee Snapper is easy enough to grasp, but the controls will take a bit of practice. The player must tilt the device to move the fish up and down and swipe their finger across the tablet to make the fish swim faster and move further ahead.

While trying to grab goodies there are several things which can end a player’s game. Of course, getting eaten by the shark will lead to a major case of deadness. Still, your fish can also fry if it is hooked by a line, or if it starves to death by not eating enough toffees.

Toffee Snapper Android Game

Toffee Snapper Android Game


Eating toffees is the name of the game. Players will find them as the screen scrolls. They can also eat special pellets, such as brains, harpoons and shields, all of which have their own unique special features. Eating shields for instance, will permit the player to survive a shark attack, whilst using a harpoon may kill the shark.

Your health status is shown in the upper left and once you are out of lives, the game ends. There is a  leaderboard (the best players get free coins) and a shop where you can purchase health, immunities, harpoons, and lives with your coins.

Players may also enjoy dares where players can try and beat specially designed challenges to double up their coins or pearls, or lose some if they fail.

Overall Value

From a gameplay perspective, Toffee Snapper is something different, and more importantly, it’s a lot of fun. It has an original idea, and it does offer you the tools to beat even the hardest levels.

Toffee Snapper has good playability and is a creative product. It also doesn’t burden you for real money purchases, which we like. It has its areas that it could improve in regards to controls and graphics but the game is sure to expand and improve over time.

toffeesnapper-qrToffee Snapper requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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