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SyncSmart: Transferring Your Contacts Cross-Platform is Easy

SyncSmart: Transferring Your Contacts Cross-Platform is Easy

Price: $1.23
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Despite the conveniences of modern life, it’s not all peaches and cream with a smartphone strapped just above the knee.

That may be a stupid rhyme, but the point remains: Often, we’re charged with completing small, irritating tasks that complicate our lives, and keep us from completing more meaningful goals. 

How do you remove some of that graying tension from your day? Well, when it comes to making sure your contacts are backed up from beginning to end, no matter what device you’re using, it’s hard to beat SyncSmart, from FTS Apps.

SyncSmart is an effective app that offers a quick, succinct way to backup and, if needed, move your contacts cross-platform, from Android to iOS, and vice versa.

Concept and Functionality 

Essentially, SyncSmart offers a feature set that looks like this: By signing up for an account with the service, you can then upload all of your contacts to the company’s servers, and then forget about them.

You’re done! If you should move to a different device— SyncSmart’s boon here is that it’s supported on both Android and iPhone—all of your contacts are available instantly, without any loss in-between. 

That’s quite a feat, considering the sheer number of contacts you may be porting around. If you’re like us, half of your contacts book alone consists of business contacts you may not see more than a few times a year.

Keeping everything straight can be a real hassle: One that SyncSmart hopes to help ease. 

SyncSmart for Android

SyncSmart for Android

It’s a great idea, and in our experience, it’s one that works quite well. We had zero problems backing up our contacts to their cloud, and in our initial tests, zero issues were found in transport in said contacts.

Plus the cloud storage of your contact info is included with the cost of the app. There is no additional charge.

All in all, it seems SyncSmart does exactly what it says it will—just as it should.

Design and Interface 

However, SyncSmart does suffer a bit in the looks department. The application is a bit hard to look at, quite literally when it comes to the sign-up forms.

Currently, you’ll find white text on a black background, which might seem a pithy complaint, but it initially left us with no idea how to create an account. 

Thankfully, there are some good parts to SyncSmart’s minimalism. The app is incredibly easy to navigate, and if you’re in a hurry an account can be created and used in a matter of minutes. Otherwise, there are certainly areas where SyncSmart might be better off with some new paint. 

Overall Value

Still, for an app that costs a scant $1.23, it’s hard to argue with the value that SyncSmart is presenting. Even should you use it but once to move from iPhone to Android—or vice versa—you’ll have had your money’s worth. 

All in all, this is a good application with practical applications. Though it’s not quite the looker we’d like it to be, it more than adequately does the job, and that’s all (really) that we can ask of it. 

SyncSmartSyncSmart requires Android 2.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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