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Get Jumping With Fat Jump

Get Jumping With Fat Jump

Price: Free
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

It’s hard to break up to a saturated category of games in the Play Store. Clones of Candy Crush, Farmville, Temple Run, and the like are just about everywhere in all varieties of quality.

Today, we’re looking at an app trying to enter into the Doodle Jump style of games called Fat Jump by Trembling Man, and while it doesn’t exactly hit a high note, Fat Jump is a challenging and entertaining new gaming entry.

Concept and Functionality

In Fat Jump, you’re controlling a portly yellow blob wearing adorable overalls as he tries to ascend higher and higher in the sky bouncing off of platforms made of cloud.

The game plays just like any other in this category – tap your finger to jump, land on platforms, and make it as high as you possible can. In this regard, the core gameplay is as relatively solid as any other jump platformer.

It’s all about timing and precision, making the right jump at the right moment where being off by even half a second will result in a loss.

Fat Jump gives a little bit of variety to this genre with a powered jump system which differentiates it from many of the tap-and-jump variants of this style.

You can tap to perform a short hop but generally that won’t get you anywhere. Instead, you hold down your finger to build a power gauge that gives you a higher jump the longer you let it build.

This can be the key to both rapid ascension and precision as overshooting a jump can be just as detrimental as missing it.

There are a variety of different cloud platforms to land on which either speed you up or slow you down. There’s also an extra fluffy cloud that will give you a much higher jump if you properly charge it and, of course, platforms that move side to side at varying speeds.

That’s essentially the depth of the game, so if that’s the kind of skill challenge you’re up for, this game will meet that need but there isn’t much to attract a player beyond that basic conceit.

Fat Jump Android Game

Fat Jump Android Game


There are a couple of features built into the game that unfortunately haven’t been localized for English speakers to the full extent.

There is a leaderboard based on your high jump score self-contained on a Japanese-language website. There are also medals to be earned but as there is no description given for the medals or how to obtain them, and the only clue is a kanji character on each medal, there’s really no way to know if you’re achieving what the game wants.

The game does offer an option toggle for both difficulty and speed. Increasing the difficulty appears to decrease the number of good clouds, increase the number of moving and speed clouds, and space them farther apart. Toggling the speed increases the movement of your character.

Playing on the easiest mode is almost ridiculously simple while bumping it up to hard and beyond really adds a dimension of challenge to the game.

Overall Value

While it doesn’t necessarily make waves in the jump category of games, Fat Jump a solid little platformer that we like and will keep you entertained as a basic timewaster. It’s available now free in the Play Store.

fatjump-qrFat Jump requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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