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BeeKeeper-2D: Minesweeper on Steroids for the 21st Century

BeeKeeper-2D: Minesweeper on Steroids for the 21st Century

Price: $0.99
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

In 1991, Microsoft brought out a selection of games in the Entertainment Pack which included a game that has survived more than two decades.

That game was Minesweeper and while it’s been tweaked here and there since then but the formula works pretty well as-is.

Well, that is, until now.

Beekeeper-2D from Umbral Games is a well-designed challenging update to Minesweeper that offers some pretty interesting things to spice up the game.

Concept and Functionality

The core concept of the game is pretty much the classic Minesweeper you know and love. You are presented with a grid of cells, in this case a honeycomb, and you must tap on cells to try and clear them out all while avoiding bees hiding beneath.

Each tap on a successfully empty cell will give you the number of adjacent cells that are devoid of bees and with a bit of thought and logic, you can clear the whole board in short order.

BeeKeeper-2D Android Game

BeeKeeper-2D Android Game

Beekeeper-2D takes this standard gameplay and mixes it up through a variety of gameplay options and modes that present a great deal of variety.

There is, of course, the classic mode which gives you a set layout of cells and a scale of difficulty. This is the mode which reminds closest of the classic Minesweeper game.

Included as well is a Progressive Mode which presents a series of designed levels that get more and more difficult. A third mode called

Arcade actually gives two distinct playstyles – a timed challenge where you must complete the board under the limit and an “additive” mode where your board gets larger and larger each time you play.


One of the more interesting features of Beekeper-2D is a selection of powerups that can change the gameplay.

Use one to get a sneak preview of where all the bees are on the board – useful for smaller boards but it will only help so much on the larger boards.

Use another to have a failsafe bonus life just in case your tap is off. You can buy these and others using coins you earn in the other modes.

One thing you won’t find in the game is IAP or ads. Since the game costs a buck on the Play Store, it doesn’t supplement with what can be sometimes annoying in others, be it microtransactions or advertising splayed around.

It doesn’t even feel as if you need it – the only thing to purchase would be coins for the powerup store and those are very easily obtained through just playing the game.

Overall Value

At just 99 cents, you won’t feel the sting of being overcharged but you will enjoy this casual game with layers of skill and depth available to the player that invests some time in it.

beekeeper-qrBeeKeeper-2D requires Android 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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