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Press Release: Create Stunning HDR Photos Seamlessly with ppinng!HDR

Press Release: Create Stunning HDR Photos Seamlessly with ppinng!HDR


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October 29, 2014 – Bangalore, India – PathPartner Technology, an experienced mobile app developer, recently released a sophisticated HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera app for Android, Windows and iOS . ppinng!HDR creates clean and crisp HDR photos for consumers with minimal effort.

ppinng1Based on a licensable HDR algorithm, ppinng!HDR works by capturing the same photo at multiple exposure rates, creating a dynamic photo that is fused together within the app. This variety of photos creates a unique effect which yields a photo that is rich in color and depth.

Keeping functionality a top priority, ppinng!HDR offers many features for Android ,Windows and iOS users. For example, by touching the screen anywhere in the frame you will trigger a shot and background processing lets you be ready for the next shot immediately. In addition, photos are crisp and sharp because the app automatically removes normal scene motion using a sophisticated de-ghosting algorithm and corrects for minor camera shake.

ppinng!HDR gives users complete control over photos by implementing plenty of control features. This includes providing the option to save all captured photos as well as the final HDR photo. The resolution and quality of photos can be adjusted, as well.

PathPartner’s official website for ppinng!HDR gives a detailed list of features included in the app and writes, “A single click in ppinng!HDR triggers capture of multiple images of varying exposures and the high dynamic range algorithm composes the pixels that matter from each of these into a single HDR image.”

ppinng!HDR is available to download from Google Play ,Windows store and Apple store for free

Download for Android at:

Download for Windows at:

Download for iOS at:!hdr/id920777569?mt=8


About the Developer:
PathPartner Technology is an embedded multimedia technology company which understands the business requirements of their clients in highly competitive and broadening markets. The company’s thorough business solutions allows their clients to drive considerable business result by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

PathPartner has developed several applications for Android, iOS and Windows platforms targeting different segment of consumers. Their mobile apps development service offerings include application development & testing, User Interface design & customization, Cloud Integration, Web Technology, Analytics and more.


Media Contact:
Contact: Soujanya Rao
Tel: +91-80-6772 2000


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  1. A very nice HDR App. I have it downloaded in my Android phone and it works just amazing.

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