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Shakespeare Slots: Get Your Gamble On with the Bard Himself

Shakespeare Slots: Get Your Gamble On with the Bard Himself

Price: Free
SLOTS: Shakespeare Slots NEW!
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Here at Android Apps Review, we’ve mentioned before that we have a slight gambling problem: In that we absolutely love gambling games for mobile platforms!

Especially if we can sit back, let the app do the handle pulling, and still rake in the excitement.

Shakespeare Slots for Android

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

This is why we’re pleased to introduce you today to Shakespeare Slots, from Super Lucky Games, a brand new way to play the pokies directly from your Android device!

It’s a fun title, and if you’re looking for our full review, you need only slide down below the break. Starting with:

Concept and Gameplay 

If you’ve ever played a slot machine before, or even seen one in action, then you know exactly what to expect here.

If you’ve not ever heard of slots, then we suggest either Googling the basics, or purchasing a ticket to Vegas.

Either way, what you’ll find here with Shakespeare Slots is precisely what any gambler wants.

Shakespeare slots is great way to get your slots fix. It presents you with a variety of different machines to play, each with a unique number of lines and betting rules. From there, it’s all handle pulling and (hopefully) big winning!

Shakespeare Slots for Android

Shakespeare Slots for Android

So what makes Shakespeare Slots different from any of the other slot apps in the Google Play Store? For starters it features a unique, historical point of reference. We don’t know of any other slots, either virtual or real, that feature Shakespeare and his works.

This influence is consistent across all of the app’s various games, offering you the chance to play lines on Macbeth, Othello, or even Romeo & Juliet.

Though, in practice you shouldn’t expect much more than an aesthetic fixation on the Bard. Aside from spinning the great characters from days of old, you’ll not find any real rule changes based on the classics.

Graphics and Payouts

Still, there’s plenty to love and adore here, especially for those with lots of slot machine experience! Why do we say that? Because the payouts are good, and often quite good.

Of course there’s no real money given out here, but for the sheer joy of winning $500,000 in a single spin, it’s hard to do better than Shakespeare Slots.

The game is also quite heavily polished, presenting a finely tuned gaming experience. We appreciate the attention to detail, especially how simple it is to pick a play style, then setup an auto-roll.

Our only complaint is a small one: At times, it can be a bit difficult to see the spinners themselves. Instead of using traditional symbols, the game adds character models, which in turn are slightly more difficult to spot.

Overall Value

It’s quite hard to top the entertainment value of what Shakespeare Slots is offering. The game is totally free in the Google Play Store, which alone is enough of a reason to try it. In addition, purchasing in-game chips (which you are not required to do) amounts to a reasonably small fee.

In other words, there’s a lot of slots-focused action here, and if that’s something you’re in to, you’ll not come away disappointed. Shakespeare Slots is a great addition to the genre, and a game we’re happy to recommend.

qrcode.25694530SLOTS: Shakespeare Slots requires Android 2.3.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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