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Turn Your Trash To Cash with OfferDat

Turn Your Trash To Cash with OfferDat

Price: Free
OfferDat Snap, Shop & Sell.
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Reviewed by John Chau

OfferDat, from HubFox, is an Android app that revolutionizes the typical rummage sale into a process much smoother than, and a big improvement over, Craigslist or Etsy.

Ever read about crazy things happening because of Craigslist meetups? Well, OfferDat adds an enhanced level of security for both the seller and the buyer, and allows one to buy with ease.

Realize that you no longer need all of those clothes from when you were a child? OfferDat helps you sell it or donate it easily!

OfferDat is great for everybody to turn their junk into someone else’s treasure, all the while making a handful of cash off of it.


OfferDat is filled with practical features that make it a step ahead of other online classified websites or apps.

Three of the main features included in OfferDat are Privacy (no personal info is needed to buy or sell items), Simplicity (streamlined for any user to use it), and Security (sellers use their real phone number and carrier to make a post, as compared to Craigslist’s randomized anonymous email accounts).


OfferDat Android App

We really like how HubFox, the makers of OfferDat, are using a unique way to incorporate the most security without requiring personal information.

They do this by utilizing the user’s unique phone ID which identifies who the phone belongs to (just like a license plate identifies who a car belongs to) and can be traced (since it is unalterable) by police in the event that a crime takes place.

Another great feature coming to OfferDat is the ability to shop from local vendors and retailers through an online boutique (soon to be implemented in an update).

OfferDat also helps you find local charities in your area to donate your merchandise. How cool is that?

Appearance and Layout

OfferDat is designed for users of all generations to be able to easily sell their items.

Thus, OfferDat is simplistic, with an aesthetically neutral layout that makes it remarkably easy to not only sell things, but it makes it easy to find items that sellers nearby have listed in tons of categories.

OfferDat has search filters that allow one to find items nearby (all the way up to a 1,000 mile radius), and it even has a Free Stuff Filter to show you where local giveaways are.

Overall, OfferDat is remarkably well-designed and developed.


OfferDat is free so that makes it impossible to beat the value!

It is only 4.2 MB, and with constant updates that continually improve the app, OfferDat should be a definite download for all.

The only downside about OfferDat is that the user base is not nearly as mainstream as Craigslist or eBay. Although based on what we’ve seen, we don’t think that will be true for long.

qrofferdatOfferDat requires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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