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Top Ten Free Must-Have Apps for New Android Users

Top Ten Free Must-Have Apps for New Android Users



Top 10 Free Must-Have Apps for New Android Users by

So, you’re new to the Android world, huh? No matter where you’ve come from, we’re happy just to have you here. And to get you going in the right direction—we know just how confusing the Play Store can be—we’re going to help you out with a quick list of the Top 10 Free Apps All New Android Users Should Have.

Starting with:

boomerangboomerangBoomerang – Boomerang for Android (Baydin)

Beef up that basic email client on any Android phone.

You can’t do better than Boomerang (aka Email App for Gmail & Exchange) if your goal is keeping that inbox organized.

It’s sleek, sexy, and above all more feature-rich than the built-in options. And you can’t beat that!

dropboxDropBox – Dropbox, Inc.

If you aren’t already using DropBox to keep your files organized and backed-up to the cloud, then truly you’re behind the times.

It’s as simple as downloading the app on your menagerie of devices.

That’s it: You’re done, and you’re that much more secure.

googledriveGoogle Drive – Google Inc.

Don’t want to use DropBox? We get it.

That kind of third-party nonsense is scary and possibly unsecured.

So if you want to stay within the tent that Google built, just use Google Drive to do the exact same thing—also without spending a dime.

evernoteEvernote – Evernote Corporation

We remember when Evernote first launched, because it was the day that we enthusiastically began adding its Internet-grabbing potential to our lives.

It’s the absolute best way to keep your notes, and your life, organized in one spot.

Also, it backs-up to both those beautiful services we just mentioned.

googlevoiceGoogle Voice – Google Inc.

Tired of all your stupid Apple-toting friends talking about texting on the computer, answering calls via their Macbook, and generally being know-it-all smartasses?

Blow them out of the water with Google’s absolutely killer, phone-integrated Google application.

Going forward the future of Google Voice seems to lie with Google Hangouts. On Sept 10th Google said “Starting today you can make voice calls from Hangouts on Android, iOS and the web. It’s free to call other Hangouts users, it’s free to call numbers in the U.S. and Canada, and the international rates are really low.”

googlenowGoogle Now – Google Inc.

Want to prove another point to those stuck-up Mac guys? Just use Google Now to impress the pants off them.

This application is capable of a heck of a lot and then some.

It’s almost impossible to list everything it can do, but if you’re in need of a personal assistant, you will not find a better digital version anywhere.

Even Siri is a bumbling butler compared to this gem.

spotifySpotify – Spotify Ltd.

We’ve heard good things about other music players, and we just don’t care.

You can listen for free on your phone or tablet or, for $10 a month, Spotify can deliver the entire world’s music catalog to your new Android device without those annoying ads.

That’s every bit of music ever made, and on your smart new Droid device.

This app stands out due to its flexibility in how it let’s you enjoy your music.

instagramInstagram – Instagram

There’s a desaturated selfie in all of us. Go ahead and hit your Hipster Spot with this classic.

It’s completely free in the Google Play Store, and you’re going to want to show off your life via sepia tone.

All your friends are doing it so what are you waiting for?


Just cave now and party on, Garth.

huluHulu – Hulu

You know, a year ago we would have put Netflix over Hulu+.

But if you’re fresh to the Android market, you’re probably in need of some fresh television, too.

So go ahead and give this great service a go before committing to the slightly staler Netflix.

You can ease into it with basic Hulu for free and then upgrade to the paid service, Hulu+, once you see all it can offer.

swiftkeySwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji –  SwiftKey

This app is exactly what being an Android user is all about.

It’s a third-party utility that’s better, sleeker, smarter and sexier than your native keyboard—no matter what that might be.

Just go ahead and get it: You can thank us later.

Now Swype into the sunset, grasshopper!

You’re now a free Android user with best tools money can buy!


 Top Ten Free Must-Have Apps for New Android Users

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What do YOU think? We’d love to hear your comments, let us know what your must-have apps are and why!


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