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Cool Down Your Android Device with Coolphone-Cool Battery

Cool Down Your Android Device with Coolphone-Cool Battery

Price: Free
EaseUS Coolphone-Cool Battery
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Any owner of an Android phone or tablet has experienced the frustration of that little popup that announces the impending end of battery life.

This is particularly problematic when you’re far from a charger. We give a lot of thought to screen brightness and data connections when it comes to getting the most out of our charge, but we forget that the heat of the phone affects the life as well.

Coolphone-Cool Battery by EaseUS is an extremely useful tool that brings your device’s temperature to light and how various settings affect battery life.

Concept and Functionality

Reducing the temperature of your device is actually a fairly simply concept that, unfortunately, can get a bit tedious.

Every program that is running, every wireless radio (Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular, NFC) sending and receiving, and more have an effect on how much effort your phone makes and that in turn raises its temperature.

Coolphone excels by streamlining the battery saving process into one tap.

One tap will identify ways in which you can cull unused processes, turn off unused radios, and adjust settings like brightness and screen timeout then give you an easy way to turn all those things on or off.

EaseUS Coolphone-Cool Battery Android App

EaseUS Coolphone-Cool Battery Android App

The effect is immediate – our tests showed a 2-3 degree drop shortly after triggering the app. Even if that only provides a few more minutes of battery life, that can be important in the race to a charger.


Surprisingly enough, the best feature hidden away in this app isn’t even the cooling process. As most of what raises your device temperature is settings related,

Coolphone places a small selection of toggles in your notification bar along with the current temperature and battery life.

Some of these are already found in quick settings, but some like screen timeout toggles and one tap brightness adjustment aren’t, and this is a very handy place to have them.

There are also Tasker-like settings to toggle your radios and clear unused apps while your screen is off.

Coolphone provides a very powerful way to keep your device battery up, especially if you’ve got this installed on a second device like a tablet where notifications and syncing 24/7 aren’t crucial.

Overall Value

For all the features and functionality stocked up within this app, it’s an absolute steal for free on the Play Store.

We fully expect Coolphone to be one of the hottest apps in the Tools category (pun intended).

easeus-qrEaseUS Coolphone-Cool Battery requires Android 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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