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Save the Chicken in Chiffa

Save the Chicken in Chiffa

Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

Chiffa, developed by Σεμιόν Ούγλεβ is a fun and incredibly child-friendly Android game for kids and adults alike.

Chiffa is about a cute little fox who implores the player to help him rescue his friend, Chicken, from the hands (and mouth) of the hungry Wolf.

Has your kid ever watched the movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and has since pretended to be a fox? Well, with Chiffa, your child can now truly be a fox!

Filled with amusing content and interesting dialogues, Chiffa will calm down your wild fox child and hold their attention for at least 10 minutes.


Chiffa has a large world of wild animals in it, including wolves, birds, squirrels, and more that must either be avoided (lest Chiffa gets eaten) or conversed with to help in the Chiffa’s quest to save the Chicken.

Chiffa can also be played in four languages – English, Russian, French, and German, which makes the potential user base very diverse.

Chiffa features underwater exploration, normal land movement, and even the use of transport!


Chiffa Android Game

Many items in the game can be picked up and utilized (e.g. a key to open a door), but without any item descriptions and an all-too-simple way to drop (delete) them on accident, Chiffa won’t get five stars from this reviewer.

As a side-scrolling game, Chiffa still seems to have a couple bugs (e.g. invisible levels that allows Chiffa to walk above the ground), and the movement is a little rough without a keyboard plugged in to your Android tablet.

Unfortunately the game is not phone-friendly. For example, the instructions on how to move the fox are only for keyboards. You’re told to hit the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to jump. When playing on a phone you move around by touching the screen in the direction you want to go but how do you get the fox to jump?

When you’re using a keyboard the movement controls are easy, but some movements and interacting with the other characters can be hard without one.

Although Chiffa is a little rough around it’s furry edges, a simple patch should allow it to become a great game to play!

Appearance and Layout

Chiffa’s characters and graphics are remarkably pleasing to the eye and definitely the strongest aspect of the game. Building on this solid foundation we’re very hopeful that this game will makes its mark as it evolves into an easy to play, yet fun and challenging, game for kids. The seemingly hand-drawn background is smooth and fits perfectly with this style of game.

The voices are reminiscent of a small child chirping in an unknown animal language, and seems to be one of the key factors in why this game appeals to children and others.

The intro of the game has a friendly narration, but the text that accompanies it and scrolls up should definitely be sped up several times to make the player not lose interest.


Chiffa is free, and is a reasonable 36 MB to download. We would love to see this game improved for use on phones and non-keyboard tablets. Hopefully the developers, Σεμιόν Ούγλεβ, will patch the existing bugs in Chiffa to make it a fun, stable game in which people can embark upon a wild quest.

Overall, Chiffa has great potential value. We love that it does not require any special permissions and has no ads or IAPs.

We suggest you give it a whirl and give your own feedback to this up and coming developer. It would make a great free game to play, especially for kids.

QRChiffaChiffa requires Android 3.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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