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Baseball Kings: Taking the Action off the Diamond and Onto Your Phone

Baseball Kings: Taking the Action off the Diamond and Onto Your Phone


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Baseball Kings
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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Believe it or not, we’re much more than huge geeks here at the office. We have even been known to watch some sports now and again—especially if it’s baseball. And with the World Series over and the long off-season ahead, you may be looking for some more diamond-shaped action in your life. What’s the quick fix?

Baseball Kings , from appnori, is an immediate, and much more than adequate solution. It’s every bit as rich as it is deep, allowing players to menage an entire team, as well as their individual career successes.

Baseball Kings is one of the most compelling baseball-themed arcade games we have ever seen on the Android platform.

All in all, it’s a stunning bit of gameplay, and you’ll find our whole review of Baseball Kings below.

Concept and Gameplay

And its core, you can expect a whole lot of pitching within Baseball Kings. The app focuses on a seemingly simple throwing mechanic, whereby players flick a ball toward home plate as a virtual pitch.

The ferocity and velocity depend on the quickness of the flick. Likewise, you can modify the ball’s trajectory by adding twists, additional powerups, and more.

However, the game quickly shows its deeper elements. For instance, players on the opposing team behave like they would in a real game. A collision at home plate gets a rousing boo, while a bunt is more than probable on a short, slow throw. It’s all incredibly organic, and very intuitive to baseball fans.

Baseball Kings Android Game

Baseball Kings Android Game

In addition, you can also engage in some SIMs style action: You’re allowed to upgrade your team, train your players, and improve your equipment to perform as best as you possibly can out there on the diamond.

In a lot of ways, this puts Baseball Kings much closer to a console sports title than it does a mobile endeavor. And that’s a very good thing.

Design and Physics Engine

Naturally, a game like this has to have an absolutely pitch-perfect (pun intended) physics engine to work well. And thankfully, Baseball Kings delivers in spades. The game will never throw a strange pitch at you, at least not without some user error involved.

Furthermore, the game itself is about as handsome as baseball titles get for mobile. The 3D graphics are stunning, and though this is a cartoony atmosphere, don’t be put-off by it:

There’s a whole lot of serious gameplay to be had with Baseball Kings, and the unique aesthetic only serve to draw the player in more.

Overall Value

If you really like baseball, and want to haul some of it around with you in your pocket at all points in time, there’s no better option than Baseball Kings. The game is incredibly fun, highly immersive and more than a bargain at only a buck in the Google Play Store.

Simply put, this is the most entertaining baseball game we’ve seen yet on the Android platform. So much so that to ask for additional content via updates seems almost selfish. Get it now, if you’re a fan, and you won’t be disappointed.

qrcode.26001788Baseball Kings requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Baseball kings is an amazing sports game. The user experience while playing is terrific. It makes you play more and more by engaging in the game play.
    Likewise there is another game that will make you addictive to play. Shadow Warrior is a strategy based simple game play.

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