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Track Your Expenses Easily with Budget Gadget Lite

Track Your Expenses Easily with Budget Gadget Lite

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Budget Gadget Lite
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

When it comes to personal accounting, there are no shortage of apps in the Play Store that provide robust and often complex tools for managing your finances. The challenge comes when all you want is a simple way to account for expenditures.

Enter Budget Gadget Lite from developer Lame Black Bunny. Budget Gadget Lite is a great free app that presents you with one of the simplest expense trackers we’ve seen.

Concept and Functionality

Budget Gadget at first glance looks like something out of Star Trek. Four bold buttons give you four categories of expenses that cover the biggest, broadest types of expenses one would encounter: House Expenses, Food and Drink, Fun, and Miscellaneous.

Tap on any of those categories and you can enter the dollar amount, day of the expense, a description of the expense, and the app will also optionally record the location of the expense.

Each category will record a collective ledger where you can see how much you are spending on that given category, and the center button of the app will provide a summary of all the expenses for the full month.

The app runs a tally in multiple places to give you the total cost, so you’ll always have your full expenditure at a glance practically everywhere in the app.


One of the most interesting features of Budget Gadget Lite is the location tracking option for your expenses.

Budget Gadget Lite Android App

Budget Gadget Lite Android App

As you begin to enter more line items into the ledger, the app will develop a library of the places you visit most frequently and will automatically populate the descriptions when you return to that location, which will save you a little bit of typing time. Of course, those with privacy concerns can turn off this tracking easily.

Privacy aside, what’s so cool about this feature is how easy it makes keeping track of business trip expenses or vacation expenses. You’ll know exactly where you were when you splurged on that steak dinner.

You can also export your ledger to a CSV file, then use that file to do more analysis, print it out for an expense report, or add it to a different budget tracker. A feature missing from this app, however, is the ability to enter in income as well as expenditures. Without that you can, of course, still keep track of your expenses but adding that one feature would turn this into a much more robust personal finance management app.

As it stands, Budget Gadget Lite is only two months old and is actually off to a rather impressive start as an easy-to-use expenditure tracker, if not for the full budget.

Overall Value

As a budget tracking app, Budget Gadget Lite presents a simple, clean interface for tracking expenses.

Make no mistake, this team of talented developers has a bright future ahead. The “lame” in Lame Black Bunny is definitely ironic and no doubt won’t apply to the success of their endeavors.

budgetgadget-qrBudget Gadget Lite requires Android 4.1+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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