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Your Dreams of Selling Your Pics Come True With Dreamstime

Your Dreams of Selling Your Pics Come True With Dreamstime

Price: Free
Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos
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Reviewed by John Chau

The Dreamstime app is an easy way to upload and sell your photos on the Dreamstime website. It’s a cinch to use and you’ll reach millions of potential customers for your photos.

Ever wonder what to do with all of those photos you took from your trip along the western coast of Africa besides dumping them all on Facebook? Ever wonder if you could earn a little cash from those photos you took of the stars above your chimney? Wonder no more! For Dreamstime will be  the answer to all that wondering!

The Dreamstime app was made to simplify the uploading and sharing process of your incredible photos that you’ve taken, whether on your phone, tablet, or computer, giving you an incredibly useful way to make extra cash.

All one needs to do is to create an account, choose and upload your photos, and wait for the money to start trickling in!  Dreamstime is great for anyone to use, whether your tech-troubled grandfather or your crazy little nephew who takes those insane photos of blades of grass.

Dreamstime  is all about stock imagery, and hence it is also the source of many corporations to get their stock photos from to put on their company brochures. It’s a win-win for every party involved!


Dreamstime primarily features an easy way upload and be paid for one’s photos. They don’t need to be totally rad either! Dreamstime is a stock image site, not the National Geographic!

Dreamstime includes real-time sales notifications and simple ways to track one’s sales, earnings, and image statistics. Another feature that Dreamstime has is a smart, in-depth search engine for companies looking for specific stock images, which basically makes it easy for people to find your photos to buy!

One great feature about Dreamstime, is that the reviewing process is usually complete within 24 hrs of uploading your image to their site!


Dreamstime Android App

Dreamstime also allows the user to request help with knowing what keywords (tags) they should list on their image.

Each month, Dreamstime posts a unique photo contest with prizes ranging from $300 for first place down to $100 for third place and is a nice incentive to get out and take photos.

You never know – that next picture you take of those children baling hay out in the rolling countryside of Kansas might just end up taking first place!

Appearance and Layout

Dreamstime is so fluid to use, that it almost feels like you’re in a dream. It’s definitely not a nightmare to use, that’s for sure!

The registration process is simple and self-explanatory. The uploading process and addition of details for each photos is remarkably easy too!

Probably the only time-consuming process involved is coming up with a clever title, description, and tags for your photos.

Once your photos are uploaded, they are then reviewed by Dreamstime and posted.

Sometimes, photos will be denied, due to things like having a person in the photo – in which case, a “model documentation” would be needed for each photo with a person present in the image.

This could be a bit of a hassle, but keep in mind that many companies typically use more stock images with people (e.g. office workers, sports, etc.) than just pure nature shots, so it might pay to fill in all that meta data. On the other hand if you’re not up to it, Dreamstime also offers the option to pay them to write the keywords and details for each of your images for you.


Dreamstime is a free app, and it is free to create an account and upload photos.

As an incredibly easy app to use, with the possibility of getting paid for your photos, Dreamstime is too good to not download!

Dreamstime QRDreamstimerequires Android 4.0 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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