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How Perceptive Are You? Try Double Take and See

How Perceptive Are You? Try Double Take and See

Price: Free
Double Take
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Do you consider yourself perceptive? Would you say you have an eye for detail? Today’s app, Double Take by SkyBit Labs, will put your ability to pick up on the little things to the test.

Concept and Functionality

Double Take is a fun and challenging new entry in the genre of “spot the difference” games. Going back even to the arcades of the late 80s and 90s, this style of game is all about discerning small differences between two seemingly identical photographs.

Double Take presents this same game style but gives it a few additional twists to make it both more challenging and more fun.

Each round of Double Take will present two photos side-by-side, where the second photo has had five small details edited, added, or removed. This may be as simple as an extra rock on the side of a hill or a word deleted from a shop sign or as tricky as a single stripe missing from an animal’s fur.

As you attempt to locate all five differences, you can tap on either photo to identify the change. You have a limited amount of time to locate all five changes and the faster you are able to do so, the higher score you receive.

Double Take Android Game

Double Take Android Game

We found that a bit of precision was needed when tapping else you will be penalized for a missed tap by losing a bit of time to complete the round.

We have this marked as a “Kids App” because while this may be a little difficult for younger children, grade schoolers and up should have no difficulty with the precision, even if the levels themselves may be a challenge.

Tap all five changes and move on to another pair of photos but run out of time and the game will end, calculating your final score which you can submit to a high score table.


You can purchase powerups before starting a new game which will alternately highlight the location of a change, give you a little more time to search, or let you skip a particularly challenging round.

These powerups require tokens which are available as an in-app purchase, but they certainly aren’t required to have fun and successfully complete the stages. We also liked that once you’ve used a powerup, it will actually recharge after a few rounds so you can use it again without paying additional coins.

The game offers Facebook integration for social play, though we were surprised to see a lack of Google Play Games integration and would really enjoy that added to utilize that particular area of the Android ecosystem.

The images presented are low-resolution, though an HD upgrade can be purchased through IAP, which means this game will play best on a tablet or a larger screen phone. We did like that the images can be rated to help the developer identify any ones that need work or are particularly popular.

We’re also looking forward to an upcoming multiplayer mode which will take advantage of that social integration to let you compete directly with your friends.

Overall Value

If the “spot the difference” genre of games is one of your favorites, you’ll have a good time with Double Take. It’s a well-designed, fun entry in this category and as a free download, we imagine many people will spot it on their device in coming days.


Double Take requires Android 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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