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Challenge Your Friends Near and Far in Battle Picz

Challenge Your Friends Near and Far in Battle Picz

Price: Free
Battle Picz
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Reviewed by John Chau

Reviewed by John Chau

Flatworld Games has released Battle Picz, and thus the time has come to battle your brains against those of your family, friends and coworkers in this test of image recognition skills!

Do you enjoy games like Words With Friends or 4 Pics 1 Word? If so, then Battle Picz is the game you should definitely get.

Battle Picz is a fun and challenging game that’s a combination of many of the elements present in other games you love, which makes for a highly addictive game to play.

Battle Picz is great pure, friendly competition. Since it’s all online, you can even wait to take your turn at a more convenient time (e.g. coffee break, toilet break, lunch break, etc.). It’s also a great game for family game night.


Battle Picz has numerous features that make it stand out amongst other such similar apps. It’s all about being quick to identify a picture after removing the tiles currently on it.

Limited to only about seven tiles (of the 49 or so tiles) that you can normally remove, the game could be a bit challenging for some.

It features three questions per turn, and the sooner you guess the picture, the more points you’ll receive.The more points you receive, the higher your chance of winning is!

With various upgrades that can be purchased with coins earned from past victories, Battle Picz has moved social minded puzzle games to a whole new level.

These upgrades include being able to uncover 13 tiles with a Scatter Bomb, removing letters with Remove Letter, and revealing letters with Reveal Letter.

Battle Picz Android Game

Battle Picz Android Game

Battle Picz includes the neat feature of being able to start a game with the following options for opponents: Facebook Friend, Random Opponent (you get placed in a queue and will play random people), Find Opponent (using their email address), and Rematch Opponent (from previous battles).

Also, Battle Picz has included the spiffy feature of being able to attach your Facebook account to your game profile which allows your opponent to see your profile picture! How neat is that?

Appearance and Layout

We have to say that we really appreciate the fantastic job Flatworld Games did with creating the layout and appearance. Smooth buttons, vivid colouration, and an overall ease of use all combine for an outstanding appearance.

When starting your first game, Battle Picz shows you an easy-to-read popup tutorial before handing the battle over to you.

The pictures that are uncovered sometimes are pretty boring and easy to guess (e.g. a shark, a bear, etc. if doing a set on Animals), and it might make for a slightly more interesting game if users could upload their own pictures to battle against their friends with.

Overall, Battle Picz is an insightful game that helps build the user’s image recognition skills, and it could even be used as an early-education tool.


Battle Picz is a free app that also has optional in-app purchases. The in-app purchases include the option to buy more coins or to remove ads.

At only 17 MB, Battle Picz is a great game to pass the time during the holidays with your family and friends, whether across the room or across the country.

Battle Picz QR BattlePiczrequires Android 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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