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Stay On Top of All You Have To Do With 24 7 365 Reminders

Stay On Top of All You Have To Do With 24 7 365 Reminders

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24 7 365 Reminders
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Our mobile devices help us get a lot of things done, from communication over phone and text to research and work to entertainment and games. But there are plenty of things to remember to do offline that our devices can help us keep track of – with the right app, of course.

24 7 365 Reminders, from Online Marketing Solutions, is a top-notch savvy new reminder app that will bring important tasks to mind just when you need them.

Concept and Functionality

24 7 365 takes the essential concept of setting a reminder on your device and supercharges it with a simple realization: every reminder is different. Instead of the one-size-fits-all reminder idea that is present on your Android device through Google Now, this app is built around the reminder as a multi-faceted tool.

When you enter a new reminder you will select a category from the ones provided. These categories are each a division within the app that changes the way the app collects the information.

For example, selecting the Payment reminder type will then prompt the app to ask you for details specific to payments, such as the amount due, the recipient, and what you’re paying for.

Related but separate, the Renewal reminder type is great for keeping track of when contracts, leases, memberships, and the like will come due for renewal allowing you to track document numbers, recipients, etc.

24 7 365 Reminders Android App

24 7 365 Reminders Android App

Of particular interest to those who have a routine of medications to take, the Medication reminder allows you to enter in the dosage, the dosing type (tablet, syrup, etc) and you can even take a photo of the prescription bottle or box to help you identify which one is which.


Each reminder type allows for some common features key to managing reminders.

You can designate how soon before the due date and time to receive a notification, which can optionally be made with or without sound.

Reminders can repeat and we especially liked that default repeat times were based on the type of reminder – Payment repeat options include “every week” and “every month,” for example, while Medication reminders are done by the hour.

Backup and restore of reminders is thankfully simple just in case if you accidentally delete something you didn’t intend.

We also appreciate the detailed help screen and, through an optional in-app purchase, you can remove the unobtrusive ads.

One thing we did notice is that this app has a decidedly Holo theme to it and with the push toward Material Design, it almost seems out of place in the current app ecosystem. We’d perhaps like to see theme options provided in a future update to at least give the option of a more modern look.

Overall Value

24 7 365 Reminders really stands out in the Play Store due to the type-specific method of tracking reminders and how the app keys into how different each type really is.

The bottom line is that 24 7 365 Reminders is one of the best reminder managers we’ve come across and as a free download, you should really think about adding it to your digital toolbox.

247365-qr24 7 365 Reminders requires Android 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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