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FPse for Android: The Only PSX Emulator You’ll Ever Need

FPse for Android: The Only PSX Emulator You’ll Ever Need

Price: $3.63
FPse for android
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If you’re not too terribly young, you likely remember when the original Playstation first came on the market. If you’re just young enough, you might even remember playing one for the first time, and then the subsequent hundreds upon hundreds of hours spent by the television.

For me, those moments are precious, and I truly loved a lot of those early PSX titles.

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Now, thanks to an incredible new application called FPse for android, from Schtruck & LDchen, I can enjoy all of those same moments again—even with a few enhancements.

FPse for android is an incredible bargain, and for fans of gaming, you cannot do better than this app.

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Concept and Functionality

Though FPse allows you play all sorts of Playstation games, it’s worth nothing that it is not itself a game. What it is, is an emulator.

For those not familiar with the concept, it’s a piece of software that allows you to “transform” your modern device into an older gaming module. In this case, we’re making our Android devices into an original PSX.

Now, you might think that’d run pretty slow. And back in the early days of Playstation emulation, you wouldn’t be wrong.

FPse for android App

FPse for android App

But times are different now, and FPse is a true testament to just how smooth and gorgeous these things can be. The app ran every game we tried with flawless precision.

We experienced no lag, no weird jumps, and all of the functionality we want is still here.

You can save a game to a save state, swap discs with the built-in menu, and even add cheats (which are loaded automatically for ever game you’re playing). This automation also extends to loading games themselves.

All you need to do is get the game’s ISO—assuming you actually own the game already, pirates—to your SD card alongside a PSX BIOS, and FPse does the rest.

It’s quick, it’s gorgeous, and it works without any flaws. And honestly, emulation doesn’t get any better than that.

Usability and Nostalgia

I cannot impress upon you enough how impressed with FPse I truly am.

Namely because of its wealth of available features and tweaks, allowing you the absolute best possible emulation experience.

You’ll get a wealth of new audio codecs, graphics enhancers, and new 3D renderers. All of which aim to improve these classics even more, allowing them fresh live in the modern age.

To guys like me, that’s just about the pinnacle of gaming. I adore old games like Spyro, and Final Fantasy. Having those in my pocket, much less beefed-up versions with true, visualized control pads and 100% complete gameplay . . . that’s absolutely priceless.

Overall Value

With just under four dollars and a stack of old games, you can rededicate your life and your Android device to playing through the entire classic catalog of Playstation titles.

FPse is an unbelievable value, offering a truly staggering number of gameplay hours per dollar spent.

All in all, we cannot recommend FPse enough. It’s smart, it’s quick and it just works.

qrcode.26469751FPse for android requires Android 2.1+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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