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Countdown to Christmas with Advent Calendar

Countdown to Christmas with Advent Calendar

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Advent Calendar
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Reviewed by John Chau

Just in time for this 2014 holiday season, triomis GmbH has released their wonderful Advent Calendar.

Remember those advent calendars from your childhood?

The ones where a little piece of candy or tiny toy would be taken from its miniature cardboard cabinet in that chunky old advent calendar each day leading up to the wondrous Christmas festival?

Or how about those LifeSaver candy advent calendars that never  seemed to make it past the first day before being torn asunder by hungry eager little hands?

With the rise in technology, those are things of the past. In this modern age of technology, one can now download an advent calendar right on their phone.

Triomis has truly delivered in this season of giving with their gift to everyone in this wonderful 2014 Advent Calendar app.


Advent Calendar is a great example of a well-designed holiday app and is loaded with festive features.

Users can “open” up a new feature each day, and these range widely from Christmas ringtones to snazzy holiday wallpapers to yummy holiday seasonal recipes and more.


Advent Calendar Android App

Everyone loves a nice surprise and it’s rumoured that triomis has hidden some of their apps to download for free within their Advent Calendar. Sweet!

The many cool little “gifts” that Advent Calendar gives the user definitely makes one eager for the next day, just like the old cardboard ones filled with candy.

Advent Calendar includes separate tabs for the recipes, wallpapers, and more that  have been unlocked, making it easy for the user to track what they’ve found so far.

Overall, Advent Calendar is great to use and its features would even make ol’ Scrooge himself get into the holiday spirit.

Appearance and Layout

The layout of Advent Calendar is just like a normal advent calendar, with the numbers randomly scattered around.

This makes for a fun learning experience for youngsters learning their dates and older adults struggling with memory loss to find out where the day’s number is and be rewarded with a nifty prize.

The colors and background are thrilling to view, and the overall theme is splendid for the holiday season.

One of the coolest features is the surprise recipes, but a minor complaint regarding the appearance of it is that many of the ingredients are in the metric units, rather than imperial, which could pose a problem for the many Americans who are used to the imperial system of measuring out their flour, sugar, and other ingredients. We would like to see this as a switch so users can select their preference.


Advent Calendar is free and it’s only 10 MB.

The value is great, since it gives the user a chance to look forward to something every day, just like checking the mail.

Overall, Advent Calendar definitely gets a strong recommendation for its festive design, usefulness and the educational role it can play.

It also available on the Windows Phone and iOS platforms.

AdventQRAdvent Calendar requires Android 2.3.3 and up. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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