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Guard Access to Your Apps with AppMaster Lock & Backup (Privacy Lock)

Guard Access to Your Apps with AppMaster Lock & Backup (Privacy Lock)

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AppMaster Lock & Backup (Privacy Lock)
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

One of the greatest challenges to owners of a mobile device these days is security. Stories of password breaches, virus epidemics, and exploit bugs seem to run rampant.

For the average device owner, however, the bigger threat is simply if the person who happens to pick up your device isn’t you.

Everyone knows you should secure your device using a pin or password, but what if someone figures that out?

AppMaster – lock & backup, (now called Privacy Lock) from LEO Network allows you to individually protect each app on your device and backup their critical data, for added protection.

Concept and Functionality

AppMaster lock & backup shines in how easily it gets the job done. It provides simple one-tap lock and unlock functionality.

After setting a master pin or pattern for the program, you then select which apps you’d like to protect using that master pin. Conveniently, AppMaster places your most used apps at the top of their list so you can know instantly which ones you are most likely to need to protect.

On launching any of those apps, you will first see the login screen from AppMaster requiring you to enter the master pin / pattern to proceed to the app.

Obviously, if you already use a pin or pattern to lock your device, this app works best if you use a different pin / pattern on AppMaster.

AppMaster lock & backup Android App

AppMaster lock & backup Android App

You can adjust the settings in the app to automatically re-lock all the apps after the device wakes up or to only lock them once when you decide to lock them, which can be particularly useful for banking or messaging apps (locking always) vs browsers or other apps for the times you are simply handing your device over to a child to play.


In addition to the basic app lock and unlock functionality, AppMaster also provides a few other tools to help manage your device.

AppMaster provides a backup tool that allows you to select an app to backup the data from just in case you ever delete the app and need to get your information back. Also provided is a one-tap boost functionality which appears to clear memory from the app cache.

However, for an app focused on security, we found this to be remarkably untransparent – while we like the convenience, we’d rather know what exactly that boost button is doing and how.

You can also hide selected images in your gallery to ensure no one can see them but you.

There are also many different themes for the app and its custom lock screens that you can download to personalize the device to your own style with more themes coming soon.

The developers are actively working on additional functionality such as the ability to hide the entire photo gallery, not just a few pictures at a time, so no more leaked photos!

Overall Value

For the purpose of adding an extra layer of security to your device, we appreciate AppMaster – lock & backup for is simplicity of use.

As a free download in the Play Store, it’s certainly worth the try for anyone concerned about the privacy of their digital life.

appmaster-qrAppMaster lock & backup (now called Privacy Lock) requires Android 3.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. I love LEO Privacy App because it’s my friend, philosopher & guide of my mobile. It’s a must have app who takes care of our smartphones by App Lock, WiFi Security, Anti-Theft, Break-in Alert, we can hide photo, video, private callm private SMS, App Backup, Swifty Data Monitor, Battery usage all in one place under one umbrella. Just like our family doctors it saves our phone from thieves. Cherry on the cake is it can Backup Apps which is very useful of our most of the Android smartphones. Also offering Data Monitoring, privacy protection. We can hide our very personal data, photo, video with pattern lock. Its a must have app.

  2. It doesn’t save your pictures.Nice app but be warned that this doesn’t save your pictures anywhere.. I’ve had to re save my pictures probably 5 times… Does anyone can recommend a applock that can hide private contacts? My boyfriend always snoops my phone!!! Very embarrassing… Among all of applock I had used, prefer LEO Privacy much better… If you have any other applocks to recommend, please leave message and give some comments!

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