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You’ll Be Facinated by Russian Stories Shared by Real People

You’ll Be Facinated by Russian Stories Shared by Real People

Price: Free
Russian Stories
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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

The urge to hear and share secrets seems to be built into us from childhood.

From whispers overheard on the playground to the cries of “I know something you don’t know,” secrets are one of the things that are common to all people everywhere.

Russian Stories is a facinating new app from developer Kotiki Designs that brings personal stories from the Eastern Hemisphere to the entire world.

Concept and Functionality

Through Russian Stories, you can read small anecdotes and snippets of life from English-speakers across Russia who have anonymously shared them with the app.

As you scroll through the stories, which range in variety from humorous to scandalous and everything in between, you can mark with a star the ones you particularly like or would like to read again later.

You can also share these stories to your favorite social network in just a couple of taps.

The app as it comes from the Play Store is pre-loaded with dozens of these short snippets and additional packs of stories are available for download through in-app purchases.

At current, the full slate of stories costs $3.99 USD collectively, and more story packs are listed as “coming soon.”

We were both surprised and delighted to read these stories as so many of them were highly relatable.

Russian Stories Android App

Russian Stories Android App

In Russian Stories everyone will find some story that resembles one from his or her own life, such as an embarrassing moment from a date or an insecurity about appearance.

Some of them are even quite charming, such as the writer who leaves their TV on for their cat and dog so they won’t be bored.


The app’s design uses the new Material Design guidelines from Google throughout.

The stories are presented in the Google Now card format and they glide up the page as you scroll. The menu slides in and out in its tray smoothly and the color choices are right out of the most recent Material Design palettes.

The app is very simple to use and very simple in design, so the developer’s choice to follow the new guidelines makes perfect sense.

Overall Value

This is a rather basic app with a simple idea: read brief, fascinating stories from across the world, and it pulls off that simple idea pretty well.

We’d like to see more features such as up and down voting the stories or sorting them by category. For the most part, this is a charming time-waster that, for free on the Play Store, is worth a try for the curious.

russianstories-qrRussian Stories requires Android 4.0+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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