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Access Over 100 Dictionaries in Many Languages with HedgeDict

Access Over 100 Dictionaries in Many Languages with HedgeDict


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Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

Reviewed by Avery W. Krouse

A lot of us never really think about having a dictionary around until that one time we come across a word that is totally new and we have no idea what it means.

In days past, you’d stroll over to the bookcase and pull a five-pound book off the shelf, flip through, and eventually locate the definition to solve your confusion.

These days, you can simply grab your Android device, open an app, and get your answer in seconds flat, although most dictionary apps take up hundreds of megabytes on your limited device.

HedgeDict by Viacheslav Dymarchuk, is an innovative dictionary app with an amazing space-saving design that gives you access to definitions in over a hundred dictionaries of many different languages.

Concept and Functionality

HedgeDict is a miniscule app, clocking in at less than 1mb in its initial download. From there, you can select from dozens upon dozens of different dictionaries to download in a multitude of languages and styles, and each with over 50,000 words and phrases.

For English speakers, you can easily download a concise version of the Oxford English Dictionary, the classic staple of dictionarydom, or you can also get some other interesting finds like the Dictionary of Idioms which can be particularly useful to someone learning English for the first time.

In addition, this dictionary app contains many cross-language dictionaries in a surprisingly large number of languages.

HedgeDict is a great resource for those learning a second language with many X to Y language dictionaries that go both to and from English (and to and from many other languages as well).

HedgeDict Android App

HedgeDict Android App

Each of these dictionary downloads are just a few megabytes each. Most of the ones we downloaded hovered in the 20-30 MB range which is very reasonable compared to the several hundred megabytes found in other apps.

At the time of testing, the download server for these was running very slow, so even though the dictionaries themselves are small, it may take extra time to download them.


One of the key problems with using a dictionary that involves languages with accented or special characters is that on a mobile device, you may not actually have any keyboards enabled or downloaded that can use those characters. This is especially true if you’re running a particularly old version of Android such as Gingerbread.

HedgeDict fixes this problem by providing you with a built-in special characters keyboard that make searching in non-English languages very easy.

You can even take custom dictionaries from the web in a couple of standard formats and convert them for use in HedgeDict on the app’s website.

This feature will be very useful for people in specialized fields like chemistry or medicine which have special dictionaries for the jargon used therein. Be aware, the app’s website is in Russian so you may need to click the “EN” link at the top to display it in English.


For a free app with free downloadable dictionaries, you can’t get much slimmer than HedgeDict and on a mobile device, every megabyte matters.

The bottom line is that HedgeDict is a terrific resource for anyone struggling with multiple languages.

hedgedict-qrHedgeDict requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Excellent dictionary!
    Translations are very detailed! A lot of different language pairs.

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