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Slash (and Slash) Your Way to Victory in Goblins! Problems!

Slash (and Slash) Your Way to Victory in Goblins! Problems!


Price: Free
Goblins! Problems!
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Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Goblins! Problems!, a new action game from SimpleGamesStudio, is a slashing masterpiece. If you like RPGs where you have to battle against an oncoming horde to survive, this is definitely the game for you.


What you see is what you get with this fast-paced action RPG set in medieval times. You are a knight, or at least your dressed like one, and you start out with a certain amount of gold that you can use to improve your protection and abilities.

You’ll need all the help you get since it’s you against a never ending oncoming horde of baddies that seem to want you dead.

In many ways this is as much of a strategy game as it is an RPG since you have to allocate your precious gold resources to those areas that are going to help you survive and get to the next level.

You can boost your Health (or Helth, as it’s spelled in the game), upgrade your armor, strengthen your sword and so on.

Concept and Gameplay

Goblins! Problems! Android Game

Goblins! Problems! Android Game

With so much going on you might expect the game to lag a bit but, to the developers credit, the action flows very smoothly.

They utilize the Unity Engine and, trust me on this, you’re very glad they do. The sword swinging, blood spurting, movements, and overall graphics are very well done and let you concentrate on playing the game, not how you’re going to curse out the game for not doing what your fingers are telling it to do.

We found that accurately controlling where you’re slashing takes a bit of practice but then no more so than other games with some much going on.

Powerups, or Skills as they’re called in the game, are in two groups, Passive and Active. The Passive powerups are Health, Sword, Armor, Critical, Critical DMG, and Dodge. The Active ones are Archers Help, Berserker Rage, and Holy Defense.

You can opt for one of four different Graphics settings: Simple, Good, Fast, and Fastest, and by touching the star symbol you can access the Leaderboard.


We found this game pretty entertaining but a bit lacking in diversity. We’d like to see this game again after a few updates where the developers have expanded the scenarios that you battle in and the character that you are in the fight. It’s an impressive start and we have high expectations for this title.

If you like action, fast tapping games, this is not one to miss. You can download it from Google Play for free. There are ads to pay the bills and keep the lights on but they’re at the bottom of the screen and don’t get in the way of gameplay. So what’s not to like?

goblinsproblems-qrGoblins! Problems! requires Android 2.3+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. This “article” reads more like an advertisement than an actual article. Considering that the app ONLY has 1,000 downloads, my guess is it’s a “paid advertisement”, as in, “The developer paid them to write and publish this.”

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