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Improve Your YouTube Experience with TurboTube

Improve Your YouTube Experience with TurboTube

Price: Free
TurboTube (A YouTube Player)
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TurboTube is a great app for YouTube users like myself. Developed by Opanga, this handy companion app will speed up your YouTube experience, as well as help you find popular videos from the web and your social networks.

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Concept and Functionality

A scenario we’re all too familiar with – you want to watch a YouTube video, but sluggish loading and choppy buffering makes for a pretty disappointing experience. While YouTube has come a long way since its inception, we still occasionally experience loading issues. That’s where TurboTube comes in.

Basically TurboTube acts as a middleman between the viewer and YouTube itself by pre-loading videos before the user watches them. Videos that show a green icon have been Turbo’d, meaning they’ll begin playing immediately with no choppy buffering or other issues.

Does it work? From what I could tell, TurboTube definitely delivers on its promise to provide users with a smooth and streamlined YouTube experience. The app even lets users Turbo videos themselves by tapping on the gray button below the video they want to watch. Once the video has been Turbo’d, it’ll show up on the main menu of the app.


TurboTube includes tons of features for everyone, including complete YouTube syncing with your account. This means the app lets you import subscriptions, playlists, and the like. You can also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to see videos that are trending among friends, as well as popular videos on Reddit.

TurboTube Android App

TurboTube Android App

One feature I really like is the live updating main page, which constantly repopulates with new and trending videos for users to watch.

TurboTube is great for killing time and enjoying YouTube when you’re in the surfing mood.

Unfortunately there are a few features missing from TurboTube, including the ability to comment on videos and fine-tune resolution settings. However, it’s worth mentioning that TurboTube is still in functional beta, meaning the developers are actively working to improve the app with the help of feedback from users.

This means the app will likely be updated frequently with new features.

Also, remember to be cautious when using apps like TurboTube over your cellular data network, as these sorts of apps can quickly consume quite a bit of data.


TurboTube is available to download for free from Google Play and doesn’t even feature ads or pricey upgrades. What you see is what you get, which is a vastly improved YouTube experience. Overall, if you watch YouTube videos on your Android device, I definitely recommend taking a look at TurboTube for an even better viewing experience!

turbotube.jpgTurboTube requires Android 4.1+. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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